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Corona News on 3.1 .: USA record new highs in daily new infections

7.19 a.m .: The number of new corona infections in the USA has reached a new high: According to the Johns Hopkins University, more than 277,000 new cases were reported within one day, more than ever before. In total, almost 20.4 million US citizens have been infected with the corona virus so far, and the death toll is almost 350,000.

The top American virologist Anthony Fauci had warned shortly before the end of the year that the worst could still be in the country. He suspects that travel around Christmas and New Year’s Eve further fueled the spread of the virus.

The US vaccination program is now suffering from logistical problems. So far, a good 4.2 million US citizens have received a first vaccination dose, far less than the 20 million promised by the outgoing President Donald Trump by the end of 2020.

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