Corona news: Hundreds of British people disappear from quarantine in Switzerland overnight

Updated on December 27, 2020, 2:37 pm

  • You spent a lot of money on skiing holidays in Switzerland, then suddenly you were supposed to be in quarantine.
  • Many British did not go along with it.
  • Hundreds now fled the hotel rooms overnight.

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In Switzerland there are hundreds Tourists from Great Britain partly overnight from one ordered quarantine. Hoteliers in the ski resort Verbier in the canton of Valais, popular with British winter tourists, would have noticed because they parked in front of the room doors Breakfast trays not touched Jean-Marc Sandoz, spokesman for the municipality of Bagnes, to which Verbier belongs, reported to the German press agency on Sunday.

The place got before Christmas 420 guests from Great Britain, including Swiss people who live there, identified who had to be quarantined. About 50 left immediately.

Community spokesman: “We understand their anger”

Of the 370 others, fewer than a dozen were still there on Sunday. “We understand their anger,” said Sandoz. He criticized them sudden quarantine for those arriving Great Britain sharp. The communities received no help to implement the provisions.

Switzerland had everyone on December 20th Flights from the UK and South Africa stoppedbecause new and presumably even more contagious variants of the coronavirus had been detected in the countries. They ordered all those who had arrived since December 14 to be quarantined retrospectively for ten days from the arrival date.

Some guests had reported from neighboring France

“Families with small children were suddenly stuck on 20 square meters,” said Sandoz. “It was unbearable.” Some guests have now reported from neighboring France. The ski stations there are closed, but the British can at least get some fresh air.

The municipal administration initially also looked after the guests Effective return flights, but when it was clear that only those who were allowed to enter demonstrably ten days of quarantine completed, those affected would have waved.

According to the authorities, there has been since December 14th 92 flights from Great Britain with an estimated 10,000 people on board. Sandoz believes that many of them were returning Swiss who could not be found in the ski stations.

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Black week for Verbier ski resort

For the ski resort Verbier with around 9,000 inhabitants, it was one of the blackest weeks. Because round a fifth of the guests traditionally there Great Britain comes, the place was suddenly decried as a supposed Corona hotspot. “Many Swiss then canceled their vacation,” says Sandoz. Verbier normally has 50,000 guests that week. Now the hotels only have one Occupancy of 30 to 40 percent.

Sandoz also fears that the atmosphere will be poisoned in the future. His own neighbor was because of hers Akzents denounced The native British has been living there for 40 years. And the guests from Great Britain were understandably pissed off, they molested hoteliers and complained to the tourist office. “We don’t know if they will return in the coming years”says Sandoz. (dpa / sap)

In Switzerland, the COVID-19 vaccinations started on Wednesday. A senior citizen made the start.

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