Corona mutation (B.1.1.7) discovered in Germany: Several states affected – country closes borders completely

Ironically, on Christmas Eve: The first case of the new corona mutation from Great Britain is detected in Germany. The authorities react immediately.

  • Coronavirus pandemic in Germany: The Corona-Mutation B.1.1.7. is proven for the first time in the Federal Republic – report about it to Christmas eve.
  • The one with the Coronavirus-Mutation* infected woman left Great Britain via Frankfurt am Main Baden-Wuerttemberg a.
  • The Coronavirus-Mutation B.1.1.7. is said to be up to 70 percent more contagious.

Update from December 26th, 8:32 p.m .: Germany, France, Sweden, Spain and Italy has the mutation of the coronavirus already achieved. What does the enormous spread of the more contagious variant mean for the Vaccination plans of European countries?

In the meantime, Germany made the beginning. A 101 year old woman received the first injection on Boxing Day. High time, because the new form of the coronavirus is 50 to 70 percent more contagious than the original variant, according to a recent study by the London University of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

The virus types are almost the same, which is probably why the vaccine is before both variants will protect. What is good news on the one hand, is now putting the responsible persons under considerable pressure. When the mutation gets through to society, another is enormous Increase in the number of corona cases foreseeable. After all, the variety spreads much faster. So vaccination becomes one Race against mutation.

Coronavirus: Japan reacts to the spread of mutations and closes borders

Update from December 26th, 8:08 pm: Japan reacts radically to that Spread of the virus mutation. Five people have already been infected with it in the Asian country. They had returned from England between December 18 and 21.

Starting Monday Japan therefore all borders are tight, reports the news agency Kyodo. From then on, foreigners are no longer allowed to enter the country. Health Minister Norishisa Tamura says the country is now in one two-week quarantine. According to media reports, the border closure will even apply until the end of January.

Corona mutation: More and more cases across Europe – Spain reports four infected people

Update from December 26th, 6:31 pm: The dangerous one Corona-Mutation spreading. Also in Spain has she arrived. The Ministry of Health reports four cases from Madrid.

“This is no reason for us to be nervous,” said Health Minister Antonio Zapatero. The British virus variant is more contagious than its normal form, but it does lead Not to a severe course of the disease. This is suggested by the latest findings. The four people affected are doing relatively well, too, emphasizes Zapatero.

Three of the cases were detected by a PCR test * in the family of a man who was just before the holidays returned from England was. The fourth infected also traveled from London to Madrid at the beginning of the week.

Corona: Virus mutation now also in Sweden

Update from December 26th, 4:49 p.m .: The first appeared in England Coronavirus mutation should be much more contagious. It is now spreading. Also in Germany she has meanwhile been discovered.

Now report Sweden the first case. The mutation was detected in a returnees from England who had spent his Christmas holidays on the island. He did not infect the other members of his household, said a spokeswoman for the health authority.

The man went into isolation immediately after his arrival. That it more cases gives or will give, however, cannot be ruled out.

New corona mutation first discovered in Germany at Christmas – More details on the first case

Update December 25, 11:28 am: At Christmas, it wasn’t just the news from Germany that made the rounds. Now it became known that in Nigeria according to the pan-African health organization Africa CDC, another new one Coronavirus-variants circulates. It looks like she broke up with the Virus mutants in South Africa and Great Britain developed, said the head of Africa CDC, John Nkengasong, on Thursday. However, there is still little data on it and further research is being carried out. The variant was discovered in two patient samples taken in August and October, according to a report by researchers in Nigeria.

How widespread the new variant is in Nigeria or in other countries is not yet known. Nkengasong emphasized, however, that mutations in such viruses are not uncommon. “We should expect these new variants to continue to emerge.” However, the variant in Nigeria does not have exactly the same mutation N501Y that is held responsible for the rapid spread of the corona mutant in Great Britain.

Bulgaria has allowed flights to and from Great Britain from Thursday again. This made it possible for planes with returnees to land in the EU country again. The flight stop that came into force on Monday due to the coronavirus mutation was lifted after three days. According to a regulation by Health Minister Kostadin Angelow, the passengers of a first plane from London were tested for the corona virus with rapid tests at the airport. A total of eight planes were expected from the United Kingdom on Thursday.

Update from December 24th, 6:20 p.m .: Little by little, more details will be demonstrated for the first Corona-Mutation the variant B.1.1.7 in Germany known.

The woman infected with the virus mutation therefore traveled on December 20 London Heathrow Airport to Frankfurt am Main. Already in the airport near the Hesse metropolis is a Corona rapid test turned out positive for her.

According to the authorities, it is with relatives in the district Freudenstadt in domestic isolation. After the first positive rapid test, according to a spokesman for the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Health, a PCR test was carried out on Monday (December 21), which was also positive.

The swab sample should be sent to the responsible laboratory Berlin Charité been sent. From there today, Thursday, proof of the Coronavirus-Variant B.1.1.7 he follows. Three close contacts would also be in quarantine.

New corona mutation now also in Germany: woman traveled from Great Britain via Frankfurt to Baden-Württemberg

First report from December 24th: Munich / Stuttgart – bitter setback for Germany in the Coronavirus-pandemic *. And that of all things Christmas eve and Christmas.

As the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Health announced on Thursday (December 24th), the first in Germany known case of the new Corona*-Mutation proven in the southwest of the Federal Republic.

It concerns a woman who came out on December 20th Great Britain via Frankfurt am Main airport Baden-Wuerttemberg entered. For those with the new highly contagious form of the Coronavirus* infected woman was promptly domestic isolation arranged.

In a tweet from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Integration on the said Corona-Fall it was said on Thursday afternoon: “The person in question is currently visiting relatives in Baden-Wuerttemberg and traveled to Frankfurt am Main Airport on Sunday, December 20, 2020 Germany a. A quick test of all passengers was carried out at the airport on arrival SARS-CoV-2which was positive for the person concerned. The family picked up the person from the airport by car and has been in domestic isolation ever since. “

Corona mutation B.1.1.7 now also in Germany: Great Britain had imposed lockdown on London

On December 19, the British Government of Prime Minister Boris Johnson a new Lockdown imposed for south east England after particularly in the metropolitan area London with its many millions of inhabitants mutated variant B.1.1.7 of the coronavirus had been established. According to British information, the Corona-Mutation be up to 70 percent more contagious than the previously known form of the virus.

Virologe Christian Drosten from the Berlin Charité, however, had only shortly before Christmas expressed the assumption that the Corona mutation from Great Britain* very likely already in Germany be. Now there is apparently the first concrete evidence of this. (pm) * is part of the Germany-wide Ippen-Digital editorial network

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