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Corona: mutated virus detected in Hanover – explosive sample!

Corona Even after Christmas, the dominant theme remains in Germany. Because of the LockdownFar-reaching restrictions still apply.

The also continues to cause great concern Corona-Mutation first detected in the UK and now in many other countries. Meanwhile also in Germany the vaccinations started.

Corona: vaccinations started – will the lockdown be extended?

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Coronavirus in Germany: The current figures (as of December 28, 2020)

  • New corona infections: 10.976
  • New deaths related to Covid-19: 348
  • Total corona deaths: 30.126
  • Seven-day incidence: 161,3

(Sources: RKI, DIVI Intensive Register)

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Monday, December 28th:

8:31 p.m.: Corona mutation detected in Hanover – sample comes from November!

A mutated Corona variant has been causing a stir in England since mid-December. Now it comes out that it has been rampant for much longer – and that also in Germany. As the Lower Saxony Ministry of Social Affairs announced, the virus was subsequently detected in a man who has since died. Explosive: The sample from the very old patient with previous illnesses was taken at the end of November. So has the mutation been spreading in Germany for a long time? Experts believe that the man and his wife were infected with their daughter, who was in England in mid-November. The two women recovered from the infection.

“According to the findings of the health department of the Hanover region, there were no further infections in connection with these cases,” said the ministry. Nevertheless, the case is another reason to “adhere particularly strictly to the applicable contact restrictions and hygiene measures,” said Heiger Scholz, head of the Corona crisis team in Lower Saxony.

The mutated Corona variant is considered particularly contagious. It has spread quickly, especially in the south of England, and is responsible for a large part of the corona infections there. Because of the new virus variant, among other things, air traffic to many European countries was discontinued,

7:54 p.m.: After a vaccination breakdown in Stralsund – nurses released from the hospital

After several employees of a nursing home in Stralsund were accidentally administered five times the vaccine dose, four of them were admitted to the hospital as a precaution. Now there is news: According to the district, three employees were released from the hospital on Monday afternoon. One will continue to be treated as an inpatient with mild symptoms.

6:51 p.m.: Skiing madness in Austria – ski areas draw consequences

Pictures from ski areas in Austria caused astonishment at the weekend. The beautiful weather attracted crowds of people to the mountains despite Corona. The result: tight crowds at the lifts, especially in the largest ski areas.

After the huge rush to Austria’s ski areas, some regions have tightened their corona measures again.For example, parking spaces should be further limited, there should be more space to queue and more stewards, as the state of Upper Austria announced on Monday. However, the parking lot regulation did not work on Saturday either. Because many winter sports enthusiasts simply accepted long walks for their fun on the slopes.

Austria’s Minister of Economic Affairs, Markus Achleitner, has now appealed to winter sports enthusiasts not to come to the ski areas until noon, because by then many guests will be on their way home from the morning.

Many ski areas are open in Austria – but practically only for locals. A ten-day quarantine obligation applies to travelers from abroad, including from Germany.

5:39 p.m.: Chancellor Braun expects the lockdown to be extended

Before Christmas, the federal and state governments agreed on a second hard lockdown until January 10th. But can the strict measures be relaxed again? Maybe not. Helge Braun does not rule out an extension of the corona lockdown. “I expect that on January 5th, when we meet the next time, we will not be able to assess the whole thing precisely and will therefore have to continue the lockdown,” said the head of the Chancellery in an interview with the TV station “ntv “.

3:51 p.m.: Ski areas in Switzerland remain closed

In contrast to almost all other European countries, some ski areas in Switzerland are still open. But not all. For example, the lifts in Canton Schwyz were stopped for the time being on December 22nd. It is now clear that the ski areas there will remain closed until January 8th. Other cantons are also advising to continue to ban skiing. This is reported by the online portal “Watson”.

1.55 p.m.: The vaccination breaks down – five times the dose for nurses

Because of individual errors in the preparation of the vaccine, eight employees of a nursing home in Stralsund were given five times the dose of the corona vaccine. After the incident on Sunday, the seven women and a man were sent home.

As the district administrator of the Vorpommern-Rügen district, Stefan Kerth (SPD), said on Monday, four of the eight people affected have now been admitted to a hospital for observation as a precautionary measure. They showed flu-like symptoms.

The district reported in its announcement that, according to information from the manufacturer Biontech, larger doses of the vaccine had already been tested on test subjects in the phase 1 study without serious consequences. No permanent, adverse events were reported. Local injection site reactions and flu-like symptoms were dose-dependent and were generally mild to moderate and transient.

A spokeswoman for Biontech confirmed this information. In the tests, amounts of up to 100 micrograms were administered without serious consequences. The usual vaccination dose is 30 micrograms. She referred to the detailed product information of her company. The first sentence reads: “This is a multi-dose vial, the contents of which must be diluted before use.”

12.06 p.m.: Ramelow also assumes that the lockdown will be extended

Politicians seem to slowly but surely want to prepare the population for an extension of the lockdown. After Manuel Schwesig, Thuringia’s Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow also made a statement. “If the prime ministers consult again on January 5th, there will be no signs of easing. We all assume that the lockdown must be extended, ”he told the“ Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland (RND) ”.

He himself is already preparing to have to live with restrictions until at least March.

11.15 a.m.: Trump clears the way for Corona aid package

For a long time it seemed as if Donald Trump was going to steer for a big bang at the end of his term in office. For days he refused to sign a negotiated corona aid package and a budget bill. That would have resulted in a shutdown of the federal authorities on Tuesday.

But now Trump has given up his resistance and signed. The Corona package comprises almost 900 billion US dollars, with which various aid measures are to be implemented. The virus continues to plague the United States. On Sunday, over 150,000 new infections and 1209 deaths were counted within one day.

This brings the total number of infections to over 19 million in America.

9.30 a.m.: Gloomy forecasts for the lockdown

The lockdown rules have been in effect across Germany since mid-December. The spread of the coronavirus is to be contained by January 10th. But despite the start of vaccination, the measures could be extended, experts and politicians fear. “I assume that we will have to extend the restrictive measures,” said Manuela Schwesig, Prime Minister of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, for example.

The President of the World Medical Association, Frank Ulrich Montgomery, also warned of premature euphoria. He criticized the “Deutschlandfunk” for the fact that distance and mask rules are not sufficiently adhered to. He does not expect the incidence value to fall below the critical incidence value of 50 until the end of January. Even before Christmas he had warned of a “yo-yo effect” in the lockdown phases.

7.52 a.m.: Virus mutation continues to spread

The virus mutation, which was first detected in Great Britain, continues to spread rapidly around the globe. Now the new variant of the virus has also reached South Korea. The health authority announced that the mutation had been detected in three family members who had traveled from London. Isolation has already been ordered.

The mutation had recently been discovered in France, Canada, Japan, and Jordan.

6.25 a.m.: FDP boss Lindner calls for faster vaccination production

The first vaccinations started in Germany at the weekend and yet there is already criticism of the current vaccination plans and capacities. There is also criticism of the federal government. “It is a crisis-ridden state, because we need a crisis production,” said FDP boss Christian Lindner to the “Bild”. “It’s a question of life and death, a question of our freedom.”

The government must examine where there is still capacity to produce more vaccine. The left-wing health politician Achim Kessler also called on the Merkel cabinet to ensure that more of the vaccine is produced, if necessary by other companies. “If the federal government does not exhaust all legal possibilities, it endangers countless human lives,” he told the “Spiegel”.

Critics had accused Germany of having ordered too little vaccine. At the start of the vaccination, 150,000 doses were initially available nationwide. By the end of the year it should be 1.3 million.

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