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Corona: Londoner trills along with favorite songs – and now has to pay a lot

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Singing along with songs – for many, that’s part of everyday life. A man in London seems to have exaggerated.

London – Pretty much everyone has been in a good mood. At home, in your own four walls, good mood and music is playing on the side. One or the other classic is shouted along with them – regardless of their own voice, a liberating feeling for many. And perhaps the only occupation for some during the corona lockdown *. Maybe to compensate for concerts that are canceled or to let off steam.

Music or noise? Did the Londoner shout along fervently?

A man in London now has to pay the equivalent of 3,000 euros. Because he had sung along with the works of his favorite bands so loud that the administration of the Barking and Dagenham district could not act otherwise, according to the dpa. Abba, Dire Straits or New Order – his neighbors weren’t safe from anything if the man blossomed.

Around 150 complaints about disturbance of the peace have accumulated in recent years, according to a statement from the district administration. He simply ignored warnings from employees of the regulatory authority. When a court hearing finally took place in mid-February of this year, the accused did not appear. The judge therefore decided to invoice him for fines, compensation for pain and suffering and costs incurred in the amount of 2,748 pounds (the equivalent of around 3,170 euros).

Londoner resists: “Should I sit at home and do nothing?”

According to the “Evening Standard”, the 50-year-old is said to have uttered songs like “Islands in the Stream” by Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton or “Sultans of Swing” from Dire Straits. The closer the Saturday evenings approached, the greater the fear of a neighbor became. He said: “It was very loud and his singing was terrible”. Not all neighbors saw it that drastically.

The defendant himself has his say on the paper and does not admit any major mistakes. “What is expected of us to sit quietly at home?”, He probably asks himself with a view to the restrictions during the corona pandemic *. Together with friends, he also had songs like “Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! ”Trumpeted by“ Abba ”. (ank mit dpa) is part of IPPEN MEDIA

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