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Corona live: Mutation occurred in Lower Saxony in November

Lindner: Germany is not sufficiently prepared for vaccinations

Immediately before the start of the corona vaccinations, FDP chairman Christian Lindner sees room for improvement. “We are not adequately prepared for vaccination,” he said. The FDP would have liked a clear legal basis for this, because such important questions of life and death should be resolved on a broad basis. “When it comes to the question of logistics, we should use the resident medical area as soon as possible in addition to the vaccination centers, so that we can make rapid progress with vaccination.”

“But the third most important requirement is of course that we get enough doses of vaccine,” emphasized the chairman of the Free Democrats. Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) made promises here. But: “There is still a lot to be done so that this can be practically guaranteed. The goal in supply and logistics must be to be able to vaccinate as quickly as possible a sufficiently large part of the population that wants this for themselves. This is also a key to the further normalization of life. “

Lindner advocated an “acceptance and information campaign” so that people could decide on the basis of scientific information whether they wanted to be vaccinated voluntarily or not. “In any case, I’ll get vaccinated as soon as it’s my turn.” However, he fully understands that according to the priorities that have been set, his turn is later than, for example, medical staff or elderly people.

Lindner appealed to the federal government not to let the lockdown period pass unused. “After this emergency brake, a new strategy must be established that, in conjunction with an improved Corona warning app, better balances health protection with freedom, that acts regionally more consistently than before and, on the other hand, organizes very effective protection for vulnerable groups . “

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