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Corona live: Manuela Schwesig calls for the restrictions to be extended

Two thirds are optimistic in the survey despite the corona crisis

At the end of the corona crisis year 2020, according to a survey, Germans are surprisingly good things. Two thirds are optimistic that Germany can solve the problems and come out of the crisis positively: This is the result of a survey by the YouGov Institute on behalf of the FDP-affiliated Friedrich Naumann Foundation, which AFP has exclusively.

56 percent stated that they had “prepared well for things to start again at some point”. On the other hand, only a quarter of those surveyed showed themselves to be insecure and out of balance.

A majority of 52 percent of those questioned stated that they had withdrawn almost completely from the public out of consideration for other people. Many tried to make sensible use of the time gained: 45 percent said they had used the time to rethink a few things in their own lives or to put them in order. Only 38 percent said that they had lost quality of life due to the corona-related restrictions.

Obviously, the crisis also strengthened the willingness to think again: A total of 62 percent said that society should leave outdated thought patterns behind and pursue new ways of life – if the health situation allows it.

At least 58 percent of those surveyed said they feared that “the Corona crisis has caused permanent damage to society that cannot be repaired”. But the survey also showed an aversion to fear debates: 63 percent said they had enough of fear dominating the current debate.

The majority of those questioned were satisfied with the economic system. 60 percent judged that the social market economy had worked well and protected prosperity and social security. However, the demand that the state should become much more economically active again met with majority support (56 percent).

For the representative online survey, the YouGov institute surveyed 2035 people between December 21 and 23.

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