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Corona in the USA: More than 20 million infected people

In the United States, the number of people infected has exceeded 20 million. That comes from data from the Johns Hopkins University. According to this, almost a quarter of the world’s known infections were found in the United States.

The rise in new infections has accelerated in the United States in recent weeks, which is attributed, among other things, to family celebrations and Thanksgiving trips in late November. On November 9th, more than ten million infections were reported in the United States – meanwhile, just a few weeks later, the number has already doubled.

With more than 3,900 deaths reported in one day, the United States only set a new sad record on Wednesday. Currently, more than 125,300 people across the country have to be hospitalized for Covid-19.

The hopes of many citizens rest on corona vaccinations, which have been administered since mid-December. So far, nearly three million people in the United States have received a first dose of vaccine – far less than the 20 million originally promised by President Donald Trump by the end of the year.

According to the authorities, more than twelve million cans have been distributed across the country so far. However, due to logistical problems and the congestion in many hospitals, there are delays with vaccinations.

Around 346,000 deaths so far

Trump had long and often downplayed the threat posed by the virus. In his New Year’s Eve message, he praised the “medical miracle” of the corona vaccination.

Around 330 million people live in the USA. More than 346,000 deaths related to Covid-19 are known there. If you put the number of deaths in relation to the number of inhabitants, according to the university, the USA ranks 14th – and is therefore one of the countries worst hit by the deadly consequences of the virus.

The Johns Hopkins University website is updated regularly and therefore shows a higher level than the official figures from the World Health Organization (WHO). In some cases, however, the numbers are subsequently corrected downwards.

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