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Corona in the Trump Resort: Mar-a-Lago is partially closing

Corona im Trump-Resort
Mar-a-Lago is partially closing

Mar-a-Lago in Florida is considered the retreat of ex-US President Donald Trump. But now it is getting uncomfortable in the luxury resort. Several employees are sick with Corona. As a precaution, the lights in the Beach Club and the dinner room will go out until further notice.

The club resort Mar-a-Lago in Florida, made famous by the former US President Donald Trump, has closed parts of the facility due to several corona cases in the workforce. This was reported by various US media, citing a circular from management to club members that was sent on Friday.

After he left the White House, Trump retired to the luxurious property in Palm Beach. Since some employees recently tested positive for the virus, the beach club and the posh dinner room have been temporarily closed, according to the reports in the email. However, banquets and events are still possible.

Many guests without a mask

Information on the number of infected employees who are now said to be in quarantine was not provided. According to the Washington Post, several dozen employees work in Mar-a-Lago during the winter season. The Trump organization confirmed the partial closure of the plant in a statement to the newspaper and described it as a “precautionary measure”.

Trump first denied the danger posed by the corona virus at the beginning of the pandemic, then downplayed it for a long time and finally fell ill with Covid-19 himself in the fall of last year. In addition, the 74-year-old made it clear to the last that he found wearing masks rather annoying.

According to Palm Beach’s infection control rules, guests at the luxury resort Mar-a-Lago must wear face masks at all times, except when eating and drinking. Last weekend, however, there were two major fundraising events there, according to the Washington Post. Trump was at one of them and, like most guests, according to photos, did not wear mouth and nose protection.

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