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Corona in Germany: Medical President expects lockdown extension “certainly by the beginning of February”

Germany is in a tough corona lockdown at the start of 2021. The number of Covid-19 cases remains high. The news ticker.

  • Coronavirus pandemic in Germany: At the start of 2021 they are Covid-19 case numbers further very high.
  • In the Federal Republic is because Corona* until at least January 10th harter Lockdown* imposed.
  • This News-Ticker is constantly updated.

Update from January 2, 9:38 p.m .: By Saturday morning (as of 8 a.m.), the Germany all in all 188,553 vaccinations reported to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI). Compared to the previous day, the number of vaccinated people recorded increased by 21,087, as the RKI information shows. However, this number could also Late registrations contain and do not reflect the number of people actually vaccinated on a day, emphasizes the RKI.

Among the vaccinated are 82,965 residents of Nursing homes. 86,692 people received the Vaccination for professional reasons. This includes medical staff with a very high risk of infection and staff in the Elderly care. A total of 44,552 people were vaccinated because of their old age over 80 years.

Most of the vaccinations have been given by the RKI so far for Bayern recorded (39,005) followed by North Rhine-Westphalia (33.375) and Hessen (24,791). In absolute terms, the fewest vaccinations have been in Thuringia (810), Bremen (1741) and Hamburg (3042) reported.

Corona in Germany: Medical President expects lockdown extension “certainly by the beginning of February”

Update from January 2nd, 6:10 p.m .: At the Corona summit in the coming week there will be a Extension of the lockdown discussed. Klaus Reinhardt, the President of the German Medical Association, spoke to the picture pronounced for an extension of the current measures. “Well, on January 5th, I’m pretty sure, the decision to extend the lockdown will be decided,” said Reinhardt.

The medical president expects one Extension of the lockdown “Certainly up Early February, so another four weeks ”. During this time schools, daycare centers and numerous other shops should remain closed, said Reinhardt. Many hospitals are currently at theirs Capacity limit. There are still free intensive care beds and technical equipment, but “they are in Numerical capacities are used to over 90 percentHe explained. In addition, Reinhardt still sees a need to catch up in protecting the Retirement and nursing homes.

Corona in Germany: Saxony continues to be a hotspot – 7-day incidence well over 300

Update from January 2, 3:33 p.m.: Saxony continues to be clearly ahead in the 7-day incidence. The Free State has the value of 341,2 from, as from the data of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) from Saturday (see also update from January 2nd, 8:10 am). In the RKI overview follows Thuringia (244,7) and then Brandenburg (180,5). Schleswig-Holstein exhibits with a 7-day incidence of 74,2 currently has the lowest incidence.

Update from January 2, 12:51 p.m.: Biontech’s corona vaccine is in short supply. Whoever receives a dose should decide in a raffle in a retirement home how* reported.

Corona in Germany – First district in Bavaria below the 50 limit value

Update from January 2nd, 12.11 p.m.: First district in Bayern is below that Limit of 50! In Landsberg am Lech the 7-day incidence is given 42,4. Also in Birkenfeld (Rhineland-Palatinate) seems to contain the infection rate. The RKI has a value here of 48,2 out. Of course, late registrations can still change these values. But both regions are well below the 7-day incidence in their state: Bayern 160,8 and Rhineland-Palatinate 118.0.

Tense situation in intensive care units: Doctors do not expect any improvement anytime soon – “I expect that …”

Update from January 2nd, 10:12 am: Critical care practitioners expect tough weeks and months. “We won’t see in the hospitals until the end of next week how much Christmas has contributed to the spread of Covid-19. The effects of New Year’s Eve then even later, ”said Uwe Janssens, the Rheinische Post on Saturday. “In the first quarter, the number of patients with Covid-19 will surely be above the 4000 mark.”

The Situation in the intensive care units remains very tense, fears the President of the German Interdisciplinary Association for Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine (DIVI). “I expect that we won’t be able to speak of lasting relaxation in the intensive care units until the summer,” said Uwe Janssens the Rheinische Post.

5,650 Covid-19 patients currently need intensive medical treatment (previous day: 5,639). More than half of the corona patients – 3,108 – are attached to an oxygen device (previous day: 3,112). This can be seen from the data in the DIVI intensive care register.

In Janssens’ view, an end to the hard lockdown is currently not an option. “We intensive care physicians urgently advise against any loosening up to an incidence value of less than 25 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants and week.”

Uwe Janssens, head of the intensive care medicine association DIVI.

© Kay Nietfeld / dpa

Corona in Germany: RKI reports 353,300 active corona cases

Update from January 2nd, 8.11 a.m.: In the past 24 hours Robert Koch Institute (RKI) 12,690 new corona infections and 336 more deaths combined with Sars-CoV-2 recorded. Approximately 353,300 active corona cases are currently available in Germany.

However, it is currently difficult to interpret the figures. The RKI is still waiting further late registrations. Apart from postponed doctor visits and fewer tests, not all responsible health authorities would transmit data to the RKI.

The 7-day incidence in Germany is included 141,2like that Covid-19-Dashboard of the RKI (data status: January 2nd; midnight).

Corona hotspots in Germany – 7-day incidence in the Vogtland district extremely high

Im Vogtlandkreis (Saxony) is the 7 day incidence with 885,4 further extremely high. The district has been struggling with particularly high numbers of corona infections since Christmas. It is difficult to explain why the numbers in the Vogtlandkreis are exploding. The focus of the infections is still nursing homes in the district, reports However, the Vogtlandkreis does not report any numbers on the weekend. There is no obligation to report the numbers at the weekend, it says there.

  • district Vogtlandkreis (Saxony) – 885.4
  • district Meissen (Saxony) – 594.1
  • city Coburg (Bayern)- 479,6
  • district Bautzen (Saxony) – 420.3
  • district Hildburghausen (Thuringia) 403.5
  • district Unstrut-Hainich district (Thuringia) – 400.1
  • district North Saxony (Saxony) – 396.5

Corona in Germany: The hope for the corona vaccine from Biontech is great. The corona infection numbers are just not going down

© BioNTech SE / dpa

Update from January 1st, 10 p.m .: Saxony is still the Corona-Hotspot among the German federal states.

The Vogtlandkreis and the county Meissen with 7-day incidences of 818.6 and 613.9, the counties are in Germany with the currently highest infection rate. The federal average was loud Robert Koch Institute (RKI) at 141.9.

Coronavirus pandemic in Germany: The hard lockdown will likely be extended

Update from January 1st, 9:30 p.m .: Germany is in the harten Corona-Lockdown – and will probably remain so for the time being.

As the picture (behind a payment barrier) reported, the measures originally decided by January 10th are to be extended by two to three weeks.

Come on January 5th Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU)* and the prime ministers of the countries to the next Covid-19 summit together – then they should Lockdown– Extension to be decided.

Coronavirus pandemic in Germany: Federal government expects millions of vaccine doses from Biontech

Update from January 1st, 8:40 p.m .: The federal government expects until the beginning of February 2.68 million doses of Biontech’s corona vaccine *.

The next delivery to the countries is still planned for January 8, the Ministry of Health announced on Twitter this Friday. A total of four delivery dates are planned for February 1st.

Coronavirus pandemic in Germany: Biontech wants to deliver more corona vaccine

Update from January 1st, 8:15 p.m .: The Mainz manufacturer Biontech want more Corona vaccine* Deliver to the European Union (EU) as planned.

The company is “in advanced discussions as to whether and how we can continue Vaccine doses out Europe for Europe this year, ”said CEO Ugur Sahin on Friday German press agency With. The background to this are complaints about the shortage of Vaccine in Germany and other EU countries.

Update from January 1st, 4:45 p.m.: The situation on the German The intensive care unit is in the Corona-Krise* continue seriously. As of January 1, 2021, 1:42 p.m., according to the DIVI intensive register, the following data was transmitted:

Occupied intensive care beds in Germany: 19.846
Free intensive care beds: 3896
Corona patients in intensive care units: 5575
ventilated corona patients: 3113

Coronavirus pandemic in Germany: vaccination start against Covid-19 was bumpy

First report from January 1, 2021: Munich / Berlin – The Vaccination start in Germany against that insidious coronavirus * was bumpy at times.

And yet many hopes rest on that Biontech / Pfizer vaccines and other pharmaceutical companies. On the other hand, one expert does not share the hope of a quick economic recovery: the head of German Institute for Economic Research (DIW), Marcel Fratzscher.

Coronavirus pandemic in Germany: “2021 could be the year of disillusionment”

“Many economic forecasts are currently of the wishful thinking of a quick end to the pandemic and an immediate economic recovery Year 2021 shaped ”, writes Fratzscher in a guest post by Daily mirror (Saturday edition): “This should prove to be an illusion.”

So could “2021 to be the year of disillusionment, at least what the economy concerns “, he says in his article:” Corporate insolvencies could increase significantly, as many are so heavily indebted that they either no longer receive or want no more bank loans, have used up reserves and the postponement of the obligation to apply for corporate insolvencies will expire. “

Coronavirus pandemic in Germany: politics must support the economy because of the lockdowns

Through the Lockdowns in spring and winter Political the economy support through aid payments in the tens of billions.

But according to Fratzscher, this help does not reach everyone: “Above all, the weakest, such as the mini-jobbers, should pay the highest price.” (pm) * is part of the Ippen-Digital network

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