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Corona: excess mortality increased – a federal state badly affected


  • Because of the sharp increase in new infections, Ireland has imposed a shutdown for at least a month
  • The Federal Statistical Office reported an average of eleven percent more deaths in November than in previous years – in Saxony even 39 percent
  • According to the RKI, 22,459 new infections were registered within the past day
  • According to our research, more than 1,710,000 people in Germany have been infected with the coronavirus so far. More than 32,600 people have died from or with Covid-19

The corona virus still has Germany under control. Despite lockdown and measures to contain the virus, the number of corona deaths reached a new high shortly before the turn of the year at over 1000 within 24 hours.

According to the Federal Statistical Office, the number of deaths in November was eleven percent above the average for previous years. In the state of Saxony particularly affected by the corona virus, the excess mortality rate was as high as 39 percent.

Corona news of the day: RKI reports 1129 corona deaths within 24 hours – maximum value

The Robert Koch Institute reported 22,459 new infections with the corona virus on December 30th. They also died within a day 1129 people in the consequences of Covid 19 disease – a new high. However, the high number of deaths may have something to do with late registrations after the Christmas holidays, said RKI boss Lothar Wieler in Berlin.

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December 30th: USA: Corona direct aid can hardly be increased

10:44 p.m .: An increase in the Corona Direct Assistance for US citizens to $ 2,000 has little chance of success because of a blockade in the Senate. The Republican majority leader, Mitch McConnell, said in the Chamber of Congress on Wednesday (local time) that the Senate would not allow itself to be harassed to rush to spend money on people, some of whom do not need it. He again rejected persistent attempts by the Democrats to quickly push through a vote on the issue.

The demand for an increase in the Corona direct aid has triggered violent political disputes – with unusual alliances. As part of a huge Corona economic stimulus package Many Americans receive a one-time aid payment of $ 600. The incumbent Republican US President Donald Trump had raised direct aid in the amount of 2,000 dollars, which the Democrats, who otherwise hated him, eagerly took up and passed the House of Representatives. Trump’s Republicans, however, are divided on the issue. Many of them are against higher spending at this point and point to budget discipline.

Argentina approves Astrazeneca vaccine

9:08 p.m .: To the UK too has Argentina the corona vaccine from Oxford University and the pharmaceutical company Astrazeneca authorized. According to its own information, the drug authority Anmat issued an emergency registration for the sale of the drug against a prescription, limited to one year. The benefit-risk ratio of the product is acceptable, it said. It was initially unclear when the preparation was to be expected and how many doses the South American country should receive.

It was only on Tuesday that Argentina started the vaccine developed by Russian researchers “Sputnik V” to be administered. The vaccine was released in Russia in mid-August and has been used there since the beginning of this month. Last week, Russia and Astrazeneca signed a memorandum to collaborate on vaccine development.

According to official figures, Argentina, which has around 45 million inhabitants, has a good 1.6 million corona infections worldwide twelfth place – just behind Germany, which is almost twice as populous. More than 43,000 deaths related to Covid 19 disease have been registered in Argentina so far.

Ireland imposes a corona shutdown for at least one month

8:29 p.m .: Due to the sharp increase in new corona infections and the spread of a new virus variant Ireland down public life for at least a month. The situation is very serious, said Prime Minister Michael Martin on Wednesday evening. “The numbers will continue to deteriorate in the coming days.” Given the speed at which the corona virus is spreading, the brake must be pulled, said Martin.

The restrictions are similar to one Curfew. From Wednesday evening onwards, private visits and public gatherings are forbidden – there are exceptions for weddings with up to six and funerals with up to ten people. People should only leave their homes for work, education and other necessary purposes. Outdoor sports are permitted within a five-kilometer radius of the apartment. The school start after the Christmas holidays will be postponed by three days to January 11th.

Great Britain: Corona tests for air passengers in Luxembourg

8:11 p.m .: Last January, the first German contracted the corona virus. You can read here how “Patient 1” is doing almost a year later: Coronavirus: How is Germany’s “Patient 1” doing today?

6:52 p.m .: Upon arrival in Luxembourg From January 2nd, all flight passengers can receive a quick test in addition to a PCR test for the coronavirus. You will get a free voucher for this, as the Ministry of Transport announced on Wednesday. The tests are primarily intended for those returning from vacation areas.

After a Rapid test passengers can leave the airport immediately and receive the result in an SMS within three hours. If the result is positive, the authorities will contact you and give further instructions. The PCR-Test has been offered at the airport since May. Passengers should be advised of both test offers before landing.

UK: Half a million doses of Astrazeneca vaccine starting next week

5.49 p.m .: According to British Health Minister Matt Hancock, more than half a million doses of the newly approved vaccine will be available in the coming week. “Today’s news means that anyone who wants a vaccination can get one,” Hancock said in Parliament on Wednesday. The British Medicines Supervisory Authority (MHRA) had the vaccine from the British-Swedish pharmaceutical company Astrazeneca and Oxford University issued an emergency license on Wednesday.

The preparation is already bidding a first vaccination Protection against Covid 19 disease, said Hancock. A second vaccination is only recommended after twelve months. This enables a large number of people to be protected quickly.

At the same time, Hancock announced a tightening of the Corona measures in much of England. This is necessary because of the spread of the new, possibly more contagious virus variant. Great Britain has had record levels of new infections for a few days.

Pharmaceutical industry: soon more corona vaccine for Germany

5:11 p.m .: The pharmaceutical industry expects that a larger number of doses will soon be available in Germany Corona vaccine is available. “We will have significantly more vaccinations in January because more and more of the quantities ordered by the state are being delivered,” said Han Steutel, President of the Association of Research-Based Pharmaceutical Manufacturers (vfa), of the Düsseldorf “Rheinische Post” on Tuesday.

In Steutel’s words, this only works because the manufacturers have pre-produced. “Every other manufacturer that receives approval will also be quickly on the market with pre-produced batches,” said Steutel predicted. He pointed out that just everywhere in Germany Production capacities for the corona vaccine would be ramped up – for example in Mainz, Idar-Oberstein, Marburg, Laubheim, Dessau, Brehna and Tübingen.

Corona: Germany supplies ventilators to Ukraine

5:08 p.m .: In the fight against the consequences of the corona virus, Germany 18 ventilators delivered to Ukraine. Germany is showing its solidarity in overcoming the global pandemic, said the German ambassador Anka Feldhusen on Wednesday in Kiev. This was intended to cushion the effects of the virus. According to the German embassy in the Ukrainian capital, Germany has already provided the Eastern European country with medical equipment several times in the past few months.

In Ukraine, according to official information, since the beginning of the pandemic in the spring, more than a million people infected with the virus. On Wednesday, almost 8,000 new infections were added. More than 18,300 people have already died with the virus. The Ministry of Health in Kiev, according to its own information, signed a contract with the Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinovac for the delivery of corona vaccine on Wednesday.

Corona death rates have increased significantly

4.48 p.m .: The number of Deaths in Germany rose significantly in November. According to preliminary findings from the Federal Statistical Office, eleven percent or 8186 more people died last month than the November average for the four previous years. The number of deaths in connection with Corona was therefore 7335. A total of 84,480 deaths were counted across Germany. The last time in this country in 1974 more than 80,000 people died in November, it said.

As the statisticians announced on Friday, excess mortality was in Saxony especially high in the last month. In the state, which is badly affected by Corona, 39 percent more people died compared to November of previous years. Both nationwide and in Saxony, the difference increased from week to week. In the last week of November (week 48) it was 55 percent above the previous year’s average in Saxony. It was 14 percent across Germany. At the same time, in November the number of people who died of or with Corona climbed from week to week.

The statisticians registered mainly with the over 80 year olds a significant increase in deaths. “The number of deaths among those under 80, however, is at the level of previous years,” it said.

“In addition to the direct and indirect consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, shifts in the age structure of the population can also contribute to above-average death rates,” explained the experts. The number of people aged 80 and over increased from 4.7 million to 5.7 million between 2015 and 2019.

16.30 o’clock: The new Corona news blog starts here. You can read all older news here in our previous Corona news ticker.

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