Corona crisis: Protests after »VIP vaccinations« in Argentina

After a scandal over so-called VIP vaccinations, thousands of people took to the streets in Argentina. In the capital Buenos Aires, the demonstrators gathered in front of the government seat and demanded a fair distribution of the corona vaccine.

The scandal came to light after a journalist reported on the radio that he had already been vaccinated out of turn thanks to his personal friendship with Health Minister Ginés Gonzalez García. The minister then had to resign.

The government has now published a list of 70 people who were brought forward in a violation of the vaccination sequence for immunization, including the 38-year-old Minister of Health and ex-President Eduardo Duhalde, his wife and children.

“You have started to vaccinate the Friends of Power,” said protester Irene Marcet. “They’re stealing someone else’s life.” On the fence of the government headquarters, Casa Rosada, the demonstrators attached dummies of body bags with the names of those vaccinated from around the government.

Several cases of unscheduled vaccinations have become known worldwide and also in Germany in the last few weeks. Such violations of the current regulation could in future be punished with fines of up to 25,000 euros.

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