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Corona / Bavaria: Söder agrees to a tough year in New Year’s address – “We have to limit ourselves further”

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The Corona year 2020 is coming to an end, but Markus Söder is preparing Bavaria for a difficult 2021. In his New Year’s address, the CSU boss also gives hope.

  • Markus Söder prepares Bavaria for a difficult year in his New Year’s address.
  • “We have to restrict ourselves further,” he says with a view to Corona. *
  • The CSU boss is also trying to give hope.
  • Here you can find the Corona-News from Bavaria. We also offer you the current case numbers in the Free State in a map.

Munich – The Corona * year 2020 is coming to an end. Since mid-December is completely Germany in lockdown *, restaurants and many shops had to close, plus one applies night curfew. An overview of the rules that apply in the Free State can be found here.

Corona year 2020 – Söder makes it clear in New Year’s address: “We have to limit ourselves further”

In its New Years Address, which took place on January 1st at 6.40 p.m. in BR television is broadcast, Prime Minister Markus Söder * has no hope of an early Crown-Ende. “We have to restrict ourselves further,” he quotes BR exclusively in advance from the speech. For the first time he also used the word “nasty” to describe the Coronavirus to describe. No head of government has ever done that in a New Year’s address like him BR supposed.

Bavaria is currently in the middle of the second wave. Söder’s view of the new year is gloomy: “Some are even predicting a third wave.” In addition, the news about mutated corona viruses * would also cause concern. Therefore one has to restrict oneself further.

Corona: Söder is pushing for faster production at the start of vaccination in Germany

New Year’s address by Söder: What will happen after the end of the corona lockdown?

With this, Söder also indicates his position for the conversation with the country leaders and Chancellor Angela Merkel *. At the appointment on January 5, it should be decided how it will be after Lockdown, which expires on January 10th, should continue. Söder had previously indicated that a seven-day incidence * of 50 should be the goal. When this value could be reached and why the numbers are not falling as hoped, Söder speaks loudly in his New Year’s address BR not on.

Corona year 2020: Söder gives courage for 2021 in a New Year’s address

However, Söder also tries to give courage for the new year. “We will overcome Corona”, he assures – with “patience, consideration and discipline. The vaccine * also gives hope. For the CSU boss vaccination is a “Command of reason.” This way you regain normality and freedom bit by bit. However, he cleans out loud BR in his New Year’s address that it would take some time before a large number of people were vaccinated. Because according to the current status, the Free State can only vaccinate 38,000 people per day. A current problem is also the small amount of available vaccine. * (came) * is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network.

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