Corona: AstraZeneca vaccination suspended in Germany

After new reports of thrombosis of the cerebral veins in connection with the vaccination in Germany and Europe, the institute considers further investigations to be necessary. The European Medicines Agency (Ema) will decide “whether and how the new findings will affect the approval of the vaccine”.

AstraZeneca vaccination freeze in several countries

AstraZeneca vaccinations have already been paused in several European countries, including the Netherlands, Ireland, Denmark, Norway and Iceland. Italy and Austria stopped using certain batches. The Ministry of Health initially wanted to continue vaccinating.

The reason for the stops are reports of complications after the vaccinations, specifically the formation of blood clots. So far, around 30 cases of coagulation disorders after an AstraZeneca vaccination have been reported to Ema – and that in almost five million people vaccinated so far. “The number of thromboembolic incidents in vaccinated people is not higher than the number in the general population,” wrote the Ema in a statement.

After the first examination, there was no evidence of a causal relationship. “The benefits of the vaccine outweigh the risks, and the vaccine can continue to be administered while the coagulation disorder review continues,” said Ema’s testing experts.

Lauterbach warns of suspension

SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach sees the vaccination failure critically. “On the basis of the available data, I think this is a mistake,” wrote the politician on twitter. ‚ÄúTesting without suspension of the vaccination would have been better because of the rarity of the complication. In the third wave, which is now picking up speed, the first vaccinations with the AstraZeneca vaccine would be lifesavers. “

It is still unclear whether the vaccine poses any danger. In the Netherlands, vaccination was paused as a “precautionary measure”, but in Denmark there was concern about “highly unusual” symptoms in a Danish woman who had died after being vaccinated. Great Britain, however, continues to vaccinate with the active ingredient.

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