Corona aid package: US House of Representatives approves Joe Biden’s plan

US President Joe Biden’s corona aid package has been approved by the House of Representatives. The $ 1.9 trillion package passed the Congress Chamber on Saturday night. 219 MPs voted for and 212 MPs against the economic and aid package, which the Senate now has to approve.

The aid package is intended to finance, among other things, increased payments to millions of US citizens, aid for cities and a “national vaccination program”. The US Congress had already launched an aid package worth around $ 900 billion in December. However, experts had criticized the measures as inadequate in view of the severity of the economic crisis as a result of the corona pandemic.

“The text is approved,” said House Democratic majority leader Nancy Pelosi. The approval of the House of Representatives was considered certain, as Biden’s Democrats have a majority in the Congress Chamber.

Package should be adopted in mid-March

The new aid package includes checks for $ 1,400 for millions of citizens. In addition, $ 160 billion will go to corona vaccinations, tests and health workers, $ 130 billion to safely reopen schools, and $ 350 billion in aid to cities and states.

The Democrats in the US Congress are trying to move the aid package forward without the support of the Republicans. Declared as part of budget planning, they began earlier this month to bring the relief measures through both houses of parliament in a special procedure.

The further proceedings in the Senate are now considered exciting, because Biden’s Democrats only have the smallest possible majority there. The part of the package that also aims to increase the national minimum wage has recently been particularly controversial. Attempting to do this through the stimulus package, however, is inadmissible according to a decision by Senate procedural officer Elizabeth MacDonough.

The Democrats are aiming for the package to be passed by mid-March. The negotiations on the US stock exchange are being followed with great interest: investors are hoping that the package will give the economy a boost. The majority of the opposition Republicans in Congress are critical of the aid package. They think the help is excessive and insufficiently targeted.

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