Corona – After quarantine: Macron is first on vacation in the Mediterranean – Politics abroad

After the quarantine, first in the sun.

French head of state Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte traveled to the presidential residence Fort de Brégançon on the Mediterranean. The confirmed circles of the presidential office on Saturday on request in Paris.

Macron had previously sat out his corona illness with seven days of isolation near Paris.

The 43-year-old contracted the corona virus in the middle of the month. After seven days of isolation, Macron was able to leave a residence on the edge of the palace gardens of Versailles before Christmas. According to a spokesman, Macron remained symptom-free the entire time in the Jagdschlösschen, which is why no further measures were necessary afterwards.

From his isolation, the sick Macron showed himself to the French on television

From his isolation, the sick Macron showed himself to the French on televisionPhoto: AP

After the French president’s surprise infection on December 18, a number of top politicians who had previously met Macron went into quarantine. Including the heads of government of Spain and Portugal, Pedro Sánchez and António Costa. Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) also met Macron at the EU summit in Brussels, where, according to government sources, he was probably infected. Merkel was then tested negative for Corona.

France with its 67 million inhabitants has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. According to the authorities, over 62,000 infected people died.

How long the Macron couple will stay in the residence between Toulon and Saint-Tropez has not been announced. The historic building from the 17th century with a large garden in front of the coast serves as occasional accommodation for the French heads of state. Macron had received Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) there in August.

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