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Córdova acknowledges that America is afraid to play CONCACAF

The Eagles midfielder criticized the Champions League referees for failing to protect players

America will play the first leg of the Quarter finals from CONCACAF Champions League next April 28 in front of the Portland Timbers of the MLS in the United States, however, the Americanists have not yet forgotten the duel against the Olympiad from the previous round in which Chucho Lopez was fractured and several players were hit, in this situation Sebastian Cordova recognized exclusively for ESPN that there is fear in the team to return to the field in this tournament.

“The truth is, I believe that there is fear and more because of arbitration, they hit you and they don’t take any cards or take care of you in any way, you realize that they hit you more and they give you more and they will continue to give you and the Referees do not have a remedy, I think that only because of the refereeing issue if there is a little fear, but what can be played, can be played without problems. “

Despite this fear that exists within the team, the azulcrema midfielder clarified that the players of the azulcrema squad will not save anything and will play to the fullest in front of the team of the Portland and the rest of the CONCACHAMPIONS.

“As a player you always want to play and that does not change, they do tell us to play a game I am delighted to play a game and it will always be the same regardless of the circumstances, on the other hand, I always have to thank the fans for the support and that they know that we always have the ambition and the hunger to be champion in any tournament, “he said. Cordova in order to ESPN.

Finally Cordova stressed that despite his hierarchy in CONCACAF, the America no favorite is marked in front of Portland.

“We try not to relax because as soon as you relax there begin to be negative situations in which it is difficult to return, we need to take each game as if it were a final and keep going until the tournament is literally over because our obligation is to win any competition that Let’s face it, “he concluded.

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