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Copper hair dyes: the sexiest and most rejuvenating trend of this spring

The experts have already decided: what will prevail this season are copper hair dyes, that arrive to supplant the blonde and in this way, give more fieryness to the looks.

Among its great benefits, it stands out that it is a shade that looks good on almost any skin tone. and it has a wide versatility that ranges between its more off or on versions, according to the age and the type of image you want to achieve.

Copper hair dyes on trend this spring

From the reddest tone to the one closest to caramel, all are valid options in terms of hair dyes for this season, Which should be chosen according to the skin tone and the texture of the hair so that it looks as natural as possible.

Cobrizo sweep

If you do not want to start with such an abrupt change of look, one way to present it that has fallen in love with many is through balayage They provide lighting, volume and movement from the middle to the ends, making it look very healthy.

Highlights with copper hair dyes

Another subtle way to present this tone is with highlights or highlights around the face. They help to frame the features, while highlighting them, giving it a lot of luminosity, which translates into a hair with life and dimension.

Combined with chestnut

Also, as what is sought is sophistication mixed with discretion, you can combine brown hair dyes with a hint of copper to light up the brown in the mane a little more and make it especially unique from root to tip.

This goes like a glove because according to the experts, the best bases to go to the side of the redheads are the dark blondes and the light brown ones.

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