Spring is a time of inspiration and beauty! Therefore, we suggest you prepare an unusual and delicious cake-bouquet, which will become a real decoration of your table (however, not for long).

A bouquet-cake is 2 in 1: both a delicious treat and beautiful flowers for the birthday boy.

Confectioner and culinary blogger Elina Abdurakhimova in a new video shared with us a recipe for an original spring cake in the form of a bouquet.

To prepare it, we need the following Ingredients:

  • chocolate cakes;

  • sour cream yoghurt cream;

  • berries;

  • chocolate glaze;

  • sugar paper with printing;

  • fresh flowers (on the video gypsophila);

  • foil.

Cooking method:

  1. We put the cakes in the cake, adding sour cream and yoghurt cream and berry filling between them.

  2. Next, cut out the required shape from the workpiece, cover it with yogurt cream on all sides and put it in the refrigerator for a while.

  3. After that, completely cover the cake with chocolate icing.

  4. Cut the gypsophila branch into flowers and stems and wrap the ends with foil. Now we form a bouquet, as shown in the video.

  5. Peel off the sugar paper from the film, moisten it with water and create the shape of the bouquet.

  6. Our original cake-bouquet is ready to delight and surprise friends and loved ones!

Photo: Getty Images, Elina Abdurahimova

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