Buenos Aires, Apr 2 (EFE) .- A new controversy about the application of vaccines against covid-19 to non-essential or risk public employees reached this time the Ministry of Culture of the Argentine province of Santa Fe (northwest), whose The government attributed it to an error and said it would open administrative proceedings, according to the provincial minister.

As recognized by the government of the province of Santa Fe, less than one hundred permanent employees of the Ministry of Culture, who do not belong to any risk group because they are not older than 70 years or belong to the essential health or teaching groups, received the appointment to get vaccinated and then the vaccine.

The Minister of Culture, Jorge Llonch, attributed it today to an “error” that in reality he considered to be a “double error”, in statements to Radio Rivadavia.

The official attributed this vaccination to an administrative error because those employees were still registered as personnel of the Ministry of Education, so they could have been vaccinated as teachers, because Culture used to be a secretariat of that ministry.

Meanwhile, he blamed the agents who received the vaccines because “those people were vaccinated by their own decision,” which he considered “objectionable on such a sensitive issue” as is the availability of vaccines in the province and the nation.

These irregularities, which happened last week and were revealed by a journalistic investigation, are known when Argentina has not yet finished immunizing those over 70 years of age, vaccines are scarce – it has vaccinated 4,163,858 out of a population of about 45 million of inhabitants- and the country advances towards the second wave of infections.

Meanwhile, the new controversy recalls the case of the VIP Vaccination, which in mid-February caused the departure of the then Minister of Health, Ginés González García, and his replacement by the current minister, Carla Vizzotti.

Llonch said that he made himself available to be part of the administrative summaries that the government is going to initiate on Human Resources personnel and personnel who were vaccinated and did not correspond.

Meanwhile, he clarified that he has not yet received the vaccine, as well as the rest of the cabinet or the Peronist governor Omar Perotti.

Argentina accumulates 2,373,153 infections since the beginning of the pandemic and 56,023 deaths.

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