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Contagions reach the highest daily figure reported since the start of the pandemic


The infections by covid-19 exceeded the highest figure that had been presented since the pandemic began, with 13 thousand 345 confirmed cases compared to the previous day and placing the accumulated in one million 479 thousand 835 infected, reported the Ministry of Health .

The deceased amounted to 129,987, which means 1,165 people who died compared to January 5, which also surpassed the record for deaths.

The previous highest number of infections was on December 22, with 12,511. The death number was on June 3, with 1,092.

In addition, the entities that exceeded 70% occupancy of general beds went to six, compared to the previous day, which had five.

Mexico City, State of Mexico, Hidalgo, Guanajuato, Nuevo León and now Baja California, surpassed that percentage yesterday.

“We knew that these spikes would begin to arrive, not only in Mexico but all over the world, and it is most likely that these spikes that we are seeing, these new people who have been infected and who have lost their lives too, are beginning to be seen as well. a reflection of what has been experienced in the last two weeks with these celebrations, ”said the director of Health Promotion, Ricardo Cortés Alcalá.

The official reported within the framework of Nurses’ Day, that in this sector two thousand 397 people have died; 61% were women, 40% were nurses, and 18% were nurses.

Asked about the application of vaccines with electoral dyes, after it was announced that the Servants of the Nation will participate, Cortés Alcalá denied that the vaccination strategy will be used, saying that “it is not, it is a protection mechanism to people, public, free, there will be no exchange other than the fact that the person who wants to be vaccinated attends the vaccination and will be vaccinated in all corners of the country, all people ”.


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