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Contagion instead of vaccination – Austrians intentionally get Corona – dead!

Vaccination is too dangerous for them – contagion is not. An Austrian paid for this attitude with his life.

There are now more and more corona contagion parties in the Alpine country, similar to the measles parties that existed in Germany. People think contagion is much better than vaccination. You are hoping for a mild course, but it cannot be determined beforehand.

A doctor from the Liezen district in Styria told the “Small newspaper“:“ Often it only takes place in smaller towns, but there are many such gatherings. “That can go well, but we also know of an Ennstaler who paid for such an infection with his life. He died of Corona even though he was only 55 years old. “

Four under 30-year-olds have also been infected and are now suffering from Long Covid Syndrome.

Who participates in such dangerous parties? The doctor: “Someone is a lawyer and certainly not stupid. Otherwise there are often people from the middle of society. The subject is so emotional that the brain falls back on a kind of reptilian level. “

This statement also seems to apply to another Austrian who also comes from Styria. She took the parasite drug ivermectin, which is given to animals, especially horses, for deworming. However, this remedy is very popular with aluminum hats, lateral thinkers and anti-vaccination agents as a corona drug. The woman took the drug – and is now fighting for her life in an intensive care unit.

“She has suffered severe poisoning, her condition is life-threatening,” said the spokesman for the Steiermärkische Krankenanstaltengesellschaft mbH (KAGes), Reinhard Marcik, opposite “AUSTRIA“.

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