In addition to being decorative, scented candles have become a form of relaxation, an object that allows us to create special environments and connect with ourselves at times when we need to return to our center.

With a special aroma, a candle can relax and heal us. Open our mind and give ourselves a moment of introspection in which we see more clearly a problem or challenge that we have to face.

For several years different studies have shown that some odors can affect the body and reduce stress or anxiety.

For example, in a study published by the journal Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, In 2015, the smell of lemon, orange, basil, mango, lavender, cinnamon and other fragrances of plant origin was shown to modify blood chemical activity in such a way as to reduce anxiety and stress levels in people .

Scented candles and stones, the ideal combination

Today we want to introduce you to the entrepreneurship of La Boheme, which in addition to offering scented candles that will transport you to a happy place, are complemented with quartz and embedded semi-precious stones.

To return to your center

La Boheme It has a candle with amethyst stone, it protects you from negative energies, helps with insomnia and increases intuition. The color of this stone is associated with the throat and crown chakras.

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According to the Yoga International Center, it is the seventh chakra and is related to pure consciousness, with the energy of the universe and helps to function in a more enlightened way and connected with feeling and acting.

To invoke your goddess

In another of its products, the protagonist is rose quartz, a stone that is related to love and self-esteem. In addition, it is connected to the heart chakra, which is responsible for keeping feelings, impulses and passions in balance.

By lighting this candle you will be able to connect with your interior, find the peace and tranquility that at this time are essential to keep us in balance.

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To clean the energy

One of its star products is the crystal quartz candle. With a unique scent of vanilla and amber, this handcrafted stone will help gather energy and heal spiritually.

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You already know, in La Boheme You can find a special candle that you can give yourself for a moment of connection or give it to someone else to remind them how special it is to you.

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