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Congressman to Bukele: “Instead of spending millions on lobbying, let him use them for children in El Salvador”

According to a report from the site, the government of Nayib Bukele signed a $ 1.2 million contract for advisory services with a former high-level diplomat.

After Nayib Bukele signed a contract for 1.2 million dollars with the Arnold & Porter agency so that it is in charge of influencing a loan negotiation before the International Monetary Fund, Congresswoman Norma Torres, one of her fiercest critics in the United States United, questioned the fact and, on his Twitter account, wrote:

Instead of spending millions of dollars on a damage control lobbyist, Nayib Bukele should use those dollars to offset the cost of housing and feed thousands of innocent children fleeing corruption and gang violence in El Savior”.

As published by the site, Bukele hired a lobbyist to minimize the impact of international criticism for his style of government. And for the decisions made in recent weeks that put his relationship with the White House in trouble.

Bukele has struggled to get closer to the Joe Biden administration, and his actions take him a little further away from his goal: Last week, Bukele had a dispute on social media with Democratic congresswoman Norma Torres, who is co-chairing the Central America caucus. in the US Congress. Torres pointed to Bukele as a “narcissistic dictator” and not caring about the situation of Salvadoran migrants on the US border.

But Bukele not only attacked Torres, but asked the residents of California’s 35th District not to vote for her. Something that caused the condemnation of the Hispanic Caucus of the United States Congress, which groups 37 legislators.

Also this week, Bukele refused to receive the Special Envoy of the United States Department of State for the Northern Triangle, Ricardo Zúñiga, despite the fact that he managed a meeting with the president.

US President Joe Biden’s envoy came to El Salvador to meet with officials and other sectors of society, such as businessmen and journalists, in order to provide solutions to the migration crisis generated on the southern border of the United States before the arrival of thousands of unaccompanied children.
For the United States, an unaccompanied child is a minor under the age of 17, traveling alone, with a coyote or with a relative other than the parents. Some of the reasons CBP records why children are unaccompanied are because they seek to reunite with their families already in the United States and because they are escaping violence.

El Diario de Hoy published on April 3 that the number of Salvadorans apprehended this February at the southern border of the United States has exceeded the number recorded last year. In February of fiscal year 2021, the Office of Customs and Border Protection of the United States (CBP, for its acronym in English), detained 1,774 Salvadorans who sought to enter the United States without documents, 28% more than the 1,488 than the office registered in February of fiscal year 2020. On April 4, it was learned that of the 171,000 migrants of various nationalities detained at the southern border of the United States during March, about 4,069 were Salvadorans. Among them 1,569 children traveling unaccompanied; A figure that doubles the 770 in March of last year and exceeds the 1,385 detainees in the same period of 2019.

Torres reproached Bukele for the fact that migration continues to occur in El Salvador, one of the countries from which thousands of migrants come to the border.

Although Bukele denies that more Salvadorans are seeking to reach the United States, the truth is that the country continues in the rising numbers reported by the Border Patrol.

For that reason, Zúñiga was urgently sent to this region. In Guatemala he was received by President Alejandro Giammattei, with whom he held private bilateral meetings. Although the meetings were well publicized. In El Salvador, Zúñiga met with Chancellor Alexandra Hill, but neither government institution nor the Chancellor herself boasted of the visit.

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