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Congress refuses to abolish or modify the registration tax

Congress refuses to abolish or modify the registration tax

At the proposal of the Popular Party, Congress yesterday debated the cancellation of registration tax. The popular ones were not alone in their endeavor; They had the support of some political formations, but it has not been enough for the initiative to go ahead.

On January 1, with the end of the moratorium on the WLTP protocol, more than half of the models sold in Spain have seen an increase in the registration fee to be paid. At the end of 2020, sellers associations indicated that the price increase for the new tax would be about 1,700 euros for the best-selling models. Everyone now agrees that this rise is one of the main reasons why car sales plummet month after month (in this link you have the balance of registrations for the month of March).

Registration tax: The Treasury reveals how much it now earns for each car sold

The increase was contemplated in the General State Budgets for 2021 and it went ahead despite attempts by various parliamentary groups to prevent it. In reality, it is not that the Executive of Pedro Sánchez who has applied an increase to the rate; It is a consequence of the end of the extension that the Government granted to the final entry into force of the WLTP broadcasting protocol. This toughens the tests that vehicles must pass to certify their polluting emissions (CO2). The objective is to obtain results closer to reality which, in most cases, has led to an increase in the figures.

Congress refuses to abolish or modify the registration tax

To prevent the new registration tax from continuing to weigh down sales, the Popular Party has presented a battery of 60 measures that includes the suppression or modification of the rate. Also request more aid to the purchase and include the automotive sector among the beneficiary sectors of the decree of direct aid to businesses affected by the crisis.

The Treasury raises the registration tax on cars and loses 105 million euros

As the EuropaPress agency collects, the almost 60 points put forward by the popular ones have been put to a vote after the acceptance of amendments from other groups. Vox has supported the proposal, but the votes against the PSOE and United we can they have been enough to reject the measures; ERC and Citizens they have chosen to abstain.

The Popular Party advocates changing the current registration tax for a rate that taxes the purchase of safer and more efficient vehicles. They also propose the elaboration within a maximum period of two months of a National Plan for Recharging Infrastructures for Electric Vehicles, with help for its installation, or the temporary exemption of the Tax on Electricity. As well as including qualifications related to hybrid and electric vehicles in the vocational training offer, especially in the manufacturing, installation, operation and maintenance processes of their charging infrastructures.

Noelia Lopez April 7, 2021 – 05: 59h

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