“Conesa asked about Ana Serradilla, not about the employees”

Ethics creak when, after a serious problem, the director of an airline asks about the fate of an actress and not about her workers.

Although they are used quite as if they meant the same thing, accident is not synonymous with accident. Sometimes the real problem does not consist in the misuse of such expressions, but in the difficulty to define what has happened.

On Sunday, January 3, 2021, the engine of a Aeromexico failed during takeoff. That was the accident, which caused a minor accident, but accident at last: the aircraft suffered a kind of senton, which in turn caused damage, not only to the device, but to people who suffered blows.

It is not easy to write on this subject for those of us who travel on airplanes with some frequency. Before doing so, we even touched wood to express ourselves without major fears.

The fact is that I had access to the message sent to a group of Aeromexico flight attendants, in which someone recounts their experience in the aforementioned incident that led to a minor accident, but an accident anyway.

Hello colleagues, I want to tell you that I was on flight 549

The flight that suffered the incident in Cancún, in position 4L; In the 24 years that I have been flying, I have experienced very strong turbulence and scary approachesbut never something like this,

we were going in takeoff run and suddenly the plane vibrated quite strongly, it went to the left side, they controlled it and braked very abruptly, lthe left turbine brought out fire and sparks and smoke got into the cabin with a burning smell (never a bird smell), all this very fast.

We screamed and I was just on the lookout for him plane It will not break, it will start to catch fire, or things will fall inside the plane, watching people. Since the aircraft was controlled the take they spoke for to check if there was fire in the left turbine, which luckily was only at the time.

Fortunately, as we all know, it did not get older, we taxied to the platform, the firefighters arrived and lowered some large fans for the turbine.

We waited approximately 40 minutes for the door to be opened for us; the passengers left through door 4R quietly, got off the pilots to check the planeThen Operations went up to ask the captains exclusively if they were extending their day: the first officer said that he did not and the captain that he did.

Although we gave our opinion on whether we would stay or not, they did not even turn to see us, just like when we were told that there were colleagues in pain, our voices did not exist or echo.

They only told us to wait in room 58 until the plane that they sent from Mexico arrived with the pilots who were going to return the plane with us working, which would arrive around 10:30 p.m.

While we were waiting at the airport, no one approached us to see if we needed anything or if we were okay, I sent a message from WhatsApp al labor union Asking if we could return after the incident or what was the matter with us, a message that two days later they still have not answered me, the executive in front spoke to the union and they told her that it was okay for us to return, that this is what the company indicates and that the situation in aviation is difficult (what about the human factor ???).

About an hour before the plane arrived, some fellow traffickers passed and I asked them if there were any medical service to which we who felt bad could go, he told me that they would ask and inform us, in a while he returned and took us to the doctor, who told us that we would decide if we wanted to return, but that we better take ketorolako, because he was only first aid.

It should be mentioned that after the adrenalin Obviously we felt extremely tired and exhausted and so we had to return, the captain was told that he had to stay in Cancún, that he would not continue as he wanted.

Our flight originally took off at 5:06 and ended up leaving back after 12 at night, we arrived at Mexico at 2:30 a.m., I want to emphasize that although the captains bear full responsibility for the lives they lead on board, as they go piloting the aircraft, our work as flight attendants It is just as important and respectable, since we always face the people and in those moments we are the ones who are going to save people with commandos, evacuation, reassuring and being aware that no one stays and everything is fine, in those and other moments we are the face and the result of what happens.

When boarding the plane, a groundmate told us that Conesa (Andrés, director of Aeroméxico) He spoke to him so that he could see how (the actress) was Ana SerradillaWho was with us and to make sure that she was well and that she was returned immediately to Mexico; It should be mentioned that he never asked about the employees, his people.

We always have to be presentable and smiling and not make any mistakes because then if they turn to see us.

Comrades, if we don’t take care of ourselves, value and enforce respect for each other, no one else is going to do it.

We have already supported the company enough with 6 months of rotation, our salary does not represent much for the company, they are casting the bait taking advantage of the situation that is closer to normalizing, to fill their pockets more, we deserve more, no let’s depreciate our work and responsibilities.

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