Concerned about the increase in cases, Fernández, Kicillof and Larreta met in Olivos – Télam

The meeting in Olivos between the three leaders.

The meeting in Olivos between the three leaders.

The increase in coronavirus cases registered in recent days in the Metropolitan Area of ​​Buenos Aires (AMBA) is closely followed by the national government, which decided to monitor the situation jointly and in periodic meetings with the Buenos Aires and Buenos Aires authorities.

This was agreed on Wednesday afternoon in a meeting between President Alberto Fernández and Buenos Aires governor Axel Kicillof and with the head of the Buenos Aires government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, at the Olivos Presidential House.

The three leaders agreed to reinforce the call to the population, appealing to individual “responsibility”, so that “extreme care” is indicated, official sources indicated.

Fernández, Kicillof and Larreta admitted their “concern” about the increase in cases and decided that, starting next week, they will maintain greater contact on this situation and will give dynamism to the meetings to evaluate the health situation and the daily reports of cases of the Covid-19, although for now no new restrictions are planned.

“We are not to close something concrete for now”, sources from the Buenos Aires Government pointed out, and they clarified that they are going to “monitor” the pandemic and that possibility is distant.

“We do want to make a strong warning for the general relaxation”, indicated the sources, and pointed to the dependence “on social behaviors, compliance with protocols and care” to avoid a second wave.

“When we thought about the meetings of up to 200 people, in the end, at the suggestion of the mayors, and due to the increase in cases, we backed down”, they exemplified.

Rodríguez Larreta was accompanied by the vice chief of the Buenos Aires government, Diego Santilli, who did not participate in the meeting; and then they both left in a car without making any statements; while Kicillof left at the same time, in the helicopter from the province of Buenos Aires.

The last meeting that the three officials had held face to face was last November 9, also in Olivos, and the following meetings were led by their respective heads of Cabinet or by the Ministers of Health.

Before the meeting on Wednesday, Kicillof had assured Radio con Vos that both he and the mayors are “concerned” about the increase in infections and asked “to continue taking care of himself.” “It seems to me that there has been a relaxation, even with the vaccine I think which had the counterproductive effect. After we announced the arrival of the vaccine, there are some who said ‘it is over’ and it is not like that. “

Asked about the possibility of closing the summer tourist season, Kicillof said that “it depends on social behavior, compliance with protocols and care, the conscience that each one has, responsibility”.

“We see it all over Europe, there is a curfew in a lot of European countries, so that people do not go out at night, but I do not want to throw away any title,” clarified the governor, who pointed out that this growth in cases “is from two weeks ago, in the middle of the holidays. “

Kicillof recognized that “the drama with the holidays is the exchange of the virus, with its carriers from one area to the other.”

“We hope to have the largest number of people vaccinated by autumn, wherever they come from, as long as it is approved by Anmat (National Administration of Drugs, Food and Medical Technology), which is our body,” he concluded.

In the last 24 hours, 11,650 cases were registered in all the country, of which 4,417 corresponded to the province of Buenos Aires and 996 to the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, figures that have been increasing in recent days.

The country is in Social, Preventive and Mandatory Distancing (Dispo) that Fernández decreed until next January 31, according to what was announced by the president on December 18 last.

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