Concern about new corona variant: virologist calls for Europe-wide lockdown knowledge

While the vaccinations against Corona began in Germany and many other European countries this Sunday, there is growing concern about the persistently high number of infections and the possible consequences of the virus variant that was first confirmed in England and has now appeared in several other countries. The Swiss virologist Isabella Eckerle (40) is calling for severe consequences.

Eckerle, who was born in Germany, is one of the most important voices in the pandemic in Switzerland. The virologist told the “Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ) am Sonntag”: “If some loosen up while others tighten it, it jeopardizes the success of the lockdown in another country.”

“Ultimately, this amounts to a Europe-wide lockdown”

The Geneva virologist said: “In a Europe with open borders, fighting pandemics only works as well as the country that does it the worst.” A common strategy to reduce the number of cases is therefore needed quickly. “Ultimately, this amounts to a Europe-wide lockdown.”

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The corona virus does not respect national borders, said Eckerle. “If we want to make it through the next few months, all countries must now pull together,” said the head of the infectious diseases department at the university clinics in Geneva. In principle, all countries would have to take similar measures to contain the virus.

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