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Concealing a double chin is possible with these resources, according to experts

As we can hide double chin? Here is one of the most frequently asked questions when over time we notice that we are losing firmness in this area. And although it is a natural aging process, this part of the neck tends to age faster than others, but you should know that there are preventive ways to gain firmness without the need for medical procedures.

To work on this there are facial exercises that help eliminate double chin, however this is not the only resource and in a complementary way it is also possible to include certain steps in your beauty routine that will be of great help to tense. Remember that as happens when exercising any muscle, success is achieved with constancy. So whether you decide to implement one or more of the ones we listed, stay consistent and see better results.

What can I do to hide my double chin?

We start an example that you can start applying from tomorrow without having to buy anything. Is about optimize your beauty routine applying the serum or moisturizing creams correctly. According to the Raquel Medina-Cleghorn, beautician in the aesthetic studies of Joanna Czech in New York And Dallas, there is a huge area of ​​opportunity here, as most women pull their skin down when using their products. The most flattering move should be upwards, give the clavicle to the jaw.

If we also apply a lymphatic drainage massage, kneading and making small pinching at the jaw line and pulling up, towards the ear, before applying the serum will have better results in the long run. Similar to this technique there are also the facial gymnastics exercises of Beaute Payot, a doctor who in 1920 perfected a routine of eleven movements to exercise, tighten and relax the facial muscles, something that translates into a firmer face and without expression lines.

The face has 43 muscles, but unless you’re a professional actor, chances are you won’t exercise all of them on a regular basis. The exercises of the French doctor they are born precisely for that purpose: to support them at any age. Of all of them the last: ‘the big smile ‘ is the ideal for tone the neck and relax. However, it is recommended that you do them all and that you respect the suggested order.

What tools are useful for toning the jaw?

The recognized facialista Joanna Czech created a facial massager for the purpose of sculpting neck, jowls and jaw. It is easy to use and you can use it from the comfort of your home. It has a knob to hold it and place the end that ends in two balls to give a gentle massage from the center of the chin to the earlobe. In addition to helping you with this purpose, it is recommended to reduce inflammation of the face.

Other home device very requested is the NuFACE, which stretches the face, jaw and neck through a technology of microcurrent It tightens the skin and helps disguise fine lines. For the recognized esteticista Joshua Ross de SkinLab, a premier studio located in Los Angeles, the device Trilogy Wand that promises professional results with just ten minutes of use is also an excellent option.

‘Imitate a radiofrequency treatmentwhere heat creates growth factors to help firm skin; the minimally invasive professional treatments that we used in the study also use a similar radiofrequency system, ‘he explains. According to the specialist, the best time to use this type of tool at home is at a early age, before the skin begins to mature because that’s when treatments can be most effective.

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