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Composer Armando Manzanero dies at 85 years of age

The composer Armando Manzanero died during the early hours of today, after a few weeks ago he was admitted to a hospital for having tested positive for COVID-19.

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The news was confirmed by the entertainment journalist Javier Poza, host of his own space at Grupo Fórmula. The prominent presenter mentioned it on his Twitter account.

Juan Pablo Manzanero, son of the famous composer and singer, said that he is at the airport to get to Mexico City, in order to say goodbye to his father, said journalist María Luis Valdés Doria. The singer’s death was due to a cardiorespiratory arrest.

The Telediario journalist said that, during the inauguration of the Museo Casa Apple tree, dedicated to the singer, some people asked him to remove the mask, in order to take some pictures, a request that the composer of ‘Nada personal’ accepted.

The death of singer It happened at 3:20 am on Monday, December 28, after yesterday it was reported that it was possible that they would withdraw mechanical ventilation, which had been inserted to improve oxygenation.

However, the interpreter’s relatives indicated that they feared that there was damage to the artist’s kidneys. They said that they will not organize a wake to fire Armando Manzanero, originally from Yucatán.

Various members of the artistic world have expressed their condolences after his death, such as the actor David zepeda, who expressed that Manzanero’s compositions connected many people and now he will do so “in another dimension.”

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