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complies, but does not stand out enough

There are few smartphone brands that are fighting to be on the world podium as the most relevant, the best-selling or the most impactful. All of them compete in the mobile phone market, but they have an ecosystem, more or less large, that includes, without exception, wearables, whether they are smart watches or bracelets.

OPPO is no exception and, although it is true that it does not have a large catalog of these products, it does have two clear proposals. One is the OPPO Watch, a smartwatch that uses Wear OS. The other is the OPPO Band, a much cheaper proposal.

This bracelet arrived in Spain at the end of last month and we have been able to test it for a week.

OPPO Band analysis: complies, but does not stand out enough

  • Screen:
    • Size: 1.1 inch.
    • Resolution: 126 x 294 pixels.
    • Technology: AMOLED
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0.
  • Drums: 100 mAh.
  • Sensors: accelerometer, heart sensor, blood oxygen level control …
  • Weight: 10.3 grams.
  • sports:
    • Outdoor race.
    • Indoor career.
    • Outdoor cycling.
    • Indoor cycling.
    • Walk in the open air.
    • Race to lose fat.
    • Badminton.
    • Swimming.
    • Cricket
    • Rowing machine.
    • Elliptical machine.
    • Yoga.
  • Waterproof: 50 ATM.

A slightly different design

OPPO Band analysis: complies, but does not stand out enough

One of the aspects in which this bracelet departs, a bit, from the rest of the models of other brands, is in the design.

The OPPO Band uses a silicone strap that is anchored to a very light metal structure, where the technological core is embedded.

OPPO Band analysis: complies, but does not stand out enough

This decision makes the strap somewhat more elegant than the one that comes by default in other bracelets such as the Xiaomi Mi Band. There are alternative straps, although they are similar to the silicone straps of other bracelets, so it is appreciated that the one that comes in the house is slightly different.

Of course, we pay (literally) a price for it, and the cost rises enough to take a better look at the Sport version.

Continuous measurement of pulsations and SO2

One of the novelties of this bracelet is that it integrates continuous measurement of oxygen saturation in the blood, so we do not have to measure it punctually if we do not want to.

It is something similar to what is done with the heart pulse, and it is useful because it allows you to see the variations over time. This is possible thanks to a dedicated sensor that is placed in parallel to the heart rate measurement.

OPPO Band analysis: complies, but does not stand out enough

The configuration of the bracelet, from the personalization to the consultation of collected data, is done with the Hey Tap Health application, an app that complies but has a somewhat outdated aesthetic.




We can change the cover by sliding from right to left, simply, without having to press anything else. This is funny but sometimes we have accidentally switched between one that looked especially good and another that did not.

One thing that we liked a lot is that when we have the bracelet connected to the mobile and we start play music, the control interface appears in the foreground, not having to go looking for it in the options. Hopefully this is seen in other wearables.

A screen that complies, although with a better brightness

OPPO Band analysis: complies, but does not stand out enough

OPPO has always used high-quality panels in its products and in the OPPO Band we have an OLED panel with a good resolution, although the interface does not always take advantage of it.

Of course, the default brightness is somewhat low and although we can change it, since it does not have a brightness sensor, using it outdoors has sometimes been somewhat uncomfortable.

A very decent battery

According to the manufacturer, the OPPO Band has an autonomy of 14 days. Our tests show somewhat less, on the 10-12 days, but it’s still a pretty competent figure. In addition, the charge is quite fast, being able to fill the battery in less than an hour.

The only downside here is that the charging cable is very short and seems intended to be charged on a computer rather than a USB socket.

The OPPO Band works fine, but does not stand out

The biggest problem with the OPPO Bando is not that it does not work well, or that it is expensive. It is that it does not stand out from the rest of the proposals of other firms. And that, in a market as competitive as this, is dangerous.

  • OPPO Band in the official store of the manufacturer:

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