Companies that want to buy vaccines from abroad will have no impediment

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador indicated through a video published on his social networks this Sunday night that the purchase of vaccines against him Covid-19 and clarified that private companies will be able to import them without obstacles.

Regarding the sale of the vaccine, he pointed out that the government has no impediment for companies to buy the vaccine abroad and market them.

“It has been said that because it is not allowed to be sold in pharmacies, of course if there are companies that want to buy the vaccine abroad we have no impediment, that is, for the vaccine to be sold, it is bought abroad.

“If what we are doing is buying all the vaccine that is needed and guaranteeing that no one is missing and it is free, nothing more than at the time, not because I have money and I am going to get vaccinated first, or I am a politician, I am influential and I am going to get vaccinated first, not that no, that’s not the thing, it’s for everyone ”.

When sending a message through his social networks, from the national palace, the head of the Executive reported that there are 32 billion pesos for the purchase of vaccines.

He noted that the vaccine will reach any part of the country and will be applied equally to rich and poor.

“Wherever they are, they live in Las Lomas de Chapultepec or in San Pedro Garza García, in Nuevo León or in Lacandoda or in Tarahumara, women, respectable elderly men, it is universal to all, it is free, nothing else is a matter of waiting the turn that corresponds to each one ”.

He said in his message that the priorities in vaccination are clear:

“First the doctors who are saving lives in Covid hospitals, second the elderly, wherever they are. The application of the vaccine is universal and free, it is a matter of waiting the turn that corresponds to each one ”-

Hours earlier, the federal government spokesman, Jesús Ramírez, said on Twitter that almost 200 million doses of Covid vaccines from different brands, such as Pfizer, will arrive in Mexico in 2021.


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