Compacted by a machine while he slept: the story behind the body found in the Bariloche dump

Cartes Jara was 34 years old and was born in Bahía Blanca
Cartes Jara was 34 years old and was born in Bahía Blanca

Until the last moment of its existence, Daniel “Tarta” Cartes Jara lived to the extreme. Like if tomorrow does not exist. For much of his 34 years, he defied all the limits that the law imposed on him. He dedicated himself to crime and was imprisoned many times, although in one way or another he was able to continue practically unharmed.

However, this week, his luck ended in the most absurd and macabre way: was crushed by a waste compactor machine after he entered a garbage container in downtown Bariloche for the night. He never foresaw the risk he was taking.

He died as he lived, on the brink of the abyss.

"Cake" in one of his arrests in a Buenos Aires prison.
“Tarta” in one of his arrests in a Buenos Aires prison.

The body of Cartes Jara -born in Bahía Blanca- It was found on Tuesday morning by the employees of the municipal garbage dump in the city of Rio Negro after the truck that accidentally lifted it into the dumpster, dumped it on a huge pile of waste. According to judicial sources revealed to Infobae, the body had multiple fractures and “was completely bent in the middle.” His bones were practically all broken. In fact, at first it was believed that he had been dismembered. The way his limbs were in indicated that grotesque scene.

That’s why it was necessary the final result of the autopsy to determine if he had been previously killed or if the death was the result of the injuries caused by the force of the compactor.

He preliminary result of forensic examinations As reported by the Río Negro Public Prosecutor’s Office, it was 24 hours after the discovery: the death of “Tarta” was caused by a “multiple crushing trauma”, which would have been caused by the mechanical system of the waste collection truck ”.

Further, the Prosecutor’s Office for Crimes against People of San Carlos de Bariloche, in charge of the prosecutor Betiana Cendón, who has the file in her hands, ruled out that more people were involved in the event. “The body does not show traces of crime or violence,” the report added.

That is to say, It was an accident.

Cartes Jara in his last days in Bariloche
Cartes Jara in his last days in Bariloche

Further, The images belonging to the city’s Monitoring System were analyzed. In the filming, the last movements made by the victim in the downtown area were observed and testimonies from the place and the employees of the municipal garbage dump were collected. “In reference to the images, those in which he is seen entering the waste container during the early morning, without any company, were particularly analyzed.added the MPF of the province. The body has already been handed over to his relatives.

A life dedicated to crime and a new beginning in Bariloche

“Tarta” had arrived in Bariloche on December 11. As confirmed by judicial sources, he had permission to circulate in the city. Since he arrived settled in the San Pedro Peninsula, a paradisiacal place surrounded by mountains, located about 25 kilometers from downtown Barilochense. Apparently Some friends offered him to stay and there he planned to spend the end of the year. They do not rule out that he had planned to settle in the place.

Researchers believe that not being able to take the last bus that would take him back to the place where he stopped and not having money to pay for lodging, “Cake” has decided to sleep inside the garbage container. The cameras effectively certify that he entered by his own means.

The last photo of "Cake" on your Facebook profile
The last photo of “Tarta” on your Facebook profile

In his social networks he showed intense activity. In his most recent photos he is seen surrounded by green, amid the landscapes that the area offers. The last image however is diametrically opposite. His legs are seen with a blister of clonazepam, a drug acting on the central nervous system, and a can of beer.

In other images on your Facebook profile He is observed inside various jails and police stations, places that he visited many times. According to the newspaper The new one from Bahía Blanca, Cartes Jara, the father of two boys, was a well-known criminal in the city and with an extensive medical record: he received 18 convictions for effective compliance and was declared a repeat offender at least 10 times.

In this dump they found the dead man
In this dump they found the dead man

“Cake”Had a profile mostly of“ punga ”or ravishing, although he also committed robberies in shops and up from a group. He also had causes of gender violence. Judicial sources confirmed Infobae that indeed the man had that curriculum. In six years, at least until 2019, he was arrested 24 times.

“No matter what they say you did or did not do, you are no longer here. Now in the arms of your mommy resting in peace; let people say what they want. No one is a saint to judge, “wrote the mother of the children of” Tarta “on social networks. who accompanied the message with a photo of Cartes Jara with one of the children. In her messages, the woman hints that finally, after that life on the edge, “Cake”, she can finally rest in peace.

“Dani, this hurts us a lot. I never imagined it but surely you are in a better place. You will no longer suffer. We stay with your memory and everything we went through together. Fly high and take care of us always, may you rest in peace once and for all. I will always carry you in my heart”, He concluded.

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