Comment on Vaccine Export Ban: America First 2.0

ACelebrating regained “independence” from the coronavirus on Independence Day – who would blame the President and the citizens of the United States for the prospect of it? Joe Biden’s announcement that vaccines will be available to all adult Americans by the beginning of May is also a message that millions of Americans are eagerly awaiting after a devastating year of pandemics. And yet the whole thing has something of “America first”. The export of corona vaccines that are manufactured in the country is still prohibited.

This even applies to the Astra-Zeneca vaccine, which has not yet been approved in America. Millions of vaccine doses remain unused, but are not allowed to be carried out; for example not in the EU. They must also expect that the Johnson & Johnson vaccine cannot be delivered in the agreed quantity, and if so, only in a few months.

This lets the assertion of how good global cooperation is and how reprehensible vaccination nationalism appear in a different light. In the end everyone is next to himself; this is how one can interpret the American export ban. Do you have to be surprised if China and Russia exploit the vaccine gap politically? The EU is severely scolded for its approach to vaccine procurement. After the experience with close partners, it makes sense to manufacture important medical goods yourself.

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