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Colombian scientists criticize appointment of Vice Minister of Ministries

The appointment of Ana María Aljure as the new Deputy Minister of Science has generated discomfort in the scientific community of the country, as some experts on the subject point out that she would not have a suitable resume for the position.

A little less than a month ago, Ana María Aljure, former Secretary General of the Mayor of Alejandro Char in Barranquilla, ran as Vice Minister of Talent and Social Appropriation of Knowledge of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation.

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From that moment, politicians, scientists and citizens warned that his resume does not meet the requirements for the position, but, despite that, on Wednesday, April 7, through a trill from the Ministry of Sciences, his arrival to the portfolio.

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The reactions of several Colombian scientists were immediate and in an interview with Caracol Radio, Enrique Forero, president of the Colombian Academy of Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences, affirmed that Aljure’s election represents “One more example of contempt for science and scientists.”

According to Forero, the scientific and academic community should comment on this fact, since “It cannot be possible that there is not a member of that community who cannot occupy the position of vice minister.”

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Andrea Guzmán Mesa, a Colombian astrophysicist, joined in the criticism with a trill in which she points out that these types of decisions in Colombia are made by “A political favor, fingercracy or thread”, before a career worthy of positions that promote scientific development.

On the other hand, Andrés Zuluaga, scientific coordinator of the Integrated Laboratory of Specialized Medicine of the University of Antioquia, questioned the resume of the Barranquilla when not finding in it, no experience in science, technology or training of human talent.

Rumors that Aljure is not a suitable professional for this position take weight when compared to the outgoing deputy minister, Sonia Monroy, who has an outstanding academic life.

Monroy has a master’s degree in administration, a PHD in industrial engineering, two specializations and, in addition, she was deputy director of Colciencias and vice-dean of engineering research at the National University of Colombia before assuming the position that Aljure now holds.

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