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"Collapse", the crude story of Karen Bejarano

Sometimes a beautiful appearance does not reflect the reality of people, this is the case of Karen Bejarano who said that she was hospitalized for a month due to mental health problems.

Bejarano was absent for a month and decided to share with her followers on Instagram the reason that kept her away to quell the rumors that had arisen about her mental health problems.

In the published postcard, which he accompanied with an extensive text, it can be done without makeup and with great serenity.

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“Here I am … without masks, without makeup and without fear of saying that I have had a bad time, very bad,” began the text.

The interpreter related that for years she has dragged some ghosts that reappeared and reminded her that they are still present.

“It has been complex years that have spanked and removed me, even things that I believed were no longer part of my traumas, but no, there they were. Looking me in the face and saying: ‘No, you have not escaped from me, nor will you easily’. And there I was, but this time I couldn’t stop looking at the disaster in my life and how I hadn’t really done anything to change it, “he added.

Karen Bejarano overcame low self-esteem

Despite having great beauty and a great talent for singing, Karen confessed that her self-esteem has been very low for a long time, which led her to seek help.

“Fear, shame, guilt, zero self-esteem (don’t be confused with seeing someone produced), believing me to be super powerful, not knowing how to ask for help, not believing in myself, feeling insufficient, are just some of the things that went through my head to daily and collapse, “he revealed.

Bejarano, who has participated in programs such as ‘Mucho Gusto’ thanked his family and some friends for the presence and invited those with mental health problems not to feel fear and shame but to take action in this regard.

“Do not feel afraid or ashamed of feeling bad, of asking for professional help and less of taking action in situations that get out of hand and may end up doing us irreparable harm. I had to be hospitalized to understand that the only person who can take care of me, accept me, respect me and love me as I am, is me ”, he said.

In the post, she also promised her followers to stop using filters and anything else that doesn’t show who she really is.

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