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Cold front approaching – Oh dear, now comes SNOW!

The beautiful autumn weather of the last week is literally yesterday’s news, because winter is already in the starting blocks in the coming days …

Now at the latest you can mothball shorts and co. And put your sweaters in the first row of the wardrobe. Because now you have to dress warmly! After the sunny weekend, a cold front pushes its way between two highs at the start of the week and clears the way for changeable weather.

No joke: even snow is possible at higher altitudes!

According to the German Meteorological Service, some rain falls on Monday, especially from the center to the east, and showers from the north-west and individual thunderstorms on the coasts. In the afternoon there is the first rain in the south.

By next Thursday at the latest, there will be an advance of polar air, bringing with it cold air masses from the north and precipitation. It falls in the high altitudes, from 700 to 800 m partly as snow or sleet. It’s the first snowflakes of the new season!

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But the onset of cold does not last long, one or two days later it quickly warms up again. Meanwhile, there is suspense for December.

But don’t worry, after the cold SHOCKtober, qualified meteorologist Dominik Jung gives the all-clear: “Polar air rushes to us on Wednesday, which brings the first snowflakes in the high altitudes of the low mountain ranges. But then it will be warmer again and that will probably be until the end of the month. “

The manager at the weather service Q.met further: “November should also be too warm. But for December, the weather models sometimes expect a month that is too cold. The European weather service even assumes that December could be around 0.5 to 1 degree colder compared to the 30-year average. With energy prices currently rising, that would be bad news for millions of tenants. Then a lot of heating should be necessary. “

And this is how you start the week

▶ ︎ Monday: 12 to 17 degrees, first nice, then more clouds and a little rain

▶ ︎ Tuesday: 8 to 13 degrees, lots of clouds, some showers, later wet snowflakes in the high altitudes

▶ ︎ Wednesday: 7 to 13 degrees, showers again and again, snowflakes in the high altitudes

▶ ︎ Thursday: 8 to 15 degrees, slowly warmer and nicer again

▶ ︎ Friday: 11 to 17 degrees, mostly dry, next to clouds, sunshine again and again

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