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Cold-blooded act shocks England – teenagers murder 13-year-olds

He was only 13 years old …

In the English city of Reading, two male teenagers (now both 14) have been found guilty of the murder of Olly Stephens († 13). The sentence – as is common in the UK legal system – will be announced at a later date.

Tat is hard to beat when it comes to cold bloodedness

According to the prosecutor, a girl (14) first lured Olly Stephens into a park via Snapchat, where her 13 and 14-year-old accomplices were ambushing him. A fight broke out in which the younger teenager rammed a knife into the body of his victim of the same age.

The 13-year-old died from multiple stab wounds in the chest and back.

Perverse: The adolescents simply left the boy’s corpse and cold-bloodedly disposed of the clothes they wore during the bloody act. They also tried to cover up evidence of their crime on Snapchat.

But without success. Investigators were able to reconstruct chats and found that the girl described any form of violence against the later victim as “karma”. Olly Stephens “deserves it all”.

The older of the two perpetrators wrote: “I really hate him passionately. If I ran into him now, I would probably kill him. “

Before the trial, the girl had pleaded guilty to manslaughter. The court found the 13- and 14-year-olds guilty of murder. They face long prison terms. The British legal system will decide on their duration at a later date.

A police spokesman said: “The utterly senseless death of Olly Stephens, orchestrated and performed by three other children, should horrify us as a society.”

The victim’s family reported: “Olly left our house on this fateful day with love and hope for a bright future in his heart. In just 13 minutes of leaving our house, he was gone forever. It took two minutes to end his life and break our hearts. “

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