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Cocaine worth 190 million euros found on a luxury yacht

A group of dealers wanted to smuggle more than two tons of cocaine from the Caribbean into the UK – but the six men had made the bill without British and Australian drug investigators.

During the joint access, which went under the name of Oparation Ironside (in German: Operation beinhart), the criminal police seized cocaine worth the equivalent of almost 190 million euros on a luxury yacht!

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According to the press release of the British National Crime Agency – comparable to the criminal investigation in this country – the officers had the boat called “Kahu” on their radar for a long time. The luxury yacht, which sails under the Jamaican flag, set sail in the Caribbean with a course for the British Isles.

The seizure took place about 60 kilometers off the coast of Plymouth (England): Special forces boarded the ship and arrested six men. A Briton and five Nicaraguans between the ages of 24 and 49 are now in custody.

On board, the investigators finally made the MEGA find: More than two tons of carefully packaged cocaine, street value almost 190 million euros. The police officers call the coup a “Class A” success. To ensure this, the authorities of the two countries had communicated via strictly encrypted platforms.

Matt Horne, deputy director of the National Crime Agency, said, “There is no doubt that these drugs would have been sold to communities across the UK, adding to crime and misery.” Success has left a vulnerable hole beaten into the capacity of organized crime to act.

The cooperation between Australian and English investigators – the capitals of the two countries are almost 17,000 kilometers apart – called Lesa Gale “unprecedented”. The vice chief of the Australian Federal Police said: “Operation Ironside opened the door to cooperation between law enforcement agencies around the world.”

The Ironsides were an elite force in the English Civil War (1642 to 1649) known for their toughness.

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