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coastal districts ask Kicillof for an exception

The municipalities of the Atlantic coast resolved to formally request Governor Axel Kicillof to make an exception with them and allow them to start the sanitary curfew two hours after the rest of the Buenos Aires communes.

“If the prohibition of circulation is established after 11pm, the summer ends in tourist sites. That would harm restaurants, bars, inns, and commerce in general. Many would close. That is why we ask the governor that on the coast Atlántica the measure is applied from 1 “, indicated a well-informed source linked to the group of communal chiefs.

The Government will prohibit night-time circulation throughout the country until the infections decrease

The sanitary curfew will be announced this afternoon by the president, and will basically consist of stopping night-time traffic throughout the country between 11 p.m. (or 12 a.m., according to some versions) and 5 or 6 a.m. Whoever violates the restriction – it was warned – will be reported to the Justice, and could suffer from the hijacking of their vehicle to the imposition of fines.

As of the entry into force of the measure in the official gazette, the governors may establish regulations and minor exceptions, which will be conditioned to the evolution of the number of cases in each jurisdiction.

“This is where our order comes in,” he told La Nueva. a communal chief personally involved in the negotiations with the Minister of Tourism of the Nation, Matías Lammens, and Governor Kicillof.

“What we want is that they grant us an exception and it can be circulated until at least 1 am. Our communities were closed to tourism for months, with almost no commercial or labor movement, and that they prepared and invested a lot for this season,” he said.

The fear of the communal chiefs is that many merchants will decide to lower the blinds if they are forced to close at 23; above all, those in areas such as gastronomy, which greatly energize the job market in summer.

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