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CO2 tax in Catalonia: this is what you will have to pay depending on the car you drive

CO2 tax in Catalonia: this is what you will have to pay depending on the car you drive

The Catalonia CO2 tax it will be a reality as of September 15. So that no one is caught by surprise, the Generalitat has created a simulator that anticipates how much each driver will pay based on their car.

“The tax on carbon dioxide emissions from vehicles mechanical traction is a tribute of the Generalitat de Catalunya, the purpose of which is to record the carbon dioxide emissions produced by these vehicles and which affect the increase in greenhouse gas emissions. “This is how the Government of Catalonia presents the rate that it wants to impose based on the CO2 emissions of the vehicles that circulate on the streets and highways of the autonomous community.

The rate will be imposed in 2021, following the following schedule:

  • May 1: publication of the provisional register
  • June 4: Deadline to present submissions (modification requests)
  • September 1: publication of the definitive registry
  • As of September 15, start of the payment period

Who has to pay the CO2 tax of Catalonia

The tax on carbon dioxide emissions is a regional tax that will be paid annually. Cars up to a maximum of 9 seats, vans up to a maximum of 3.5 tons and motorcycles will be affected by this new tax.

Instead, they are out of taxation for the Catalonia CO2 rate electric vehicles, cars with CO2 emissions less than 120 grams per kilometer (although for fiscal year 2021 that limit will be lowered to 95 g / km), vans that emit less than 160 g / km, mopeds, trucks and vehicles over 3.5 tons, coaches and vehicles used to transport more than nine people, including the driver.

Nor will they have to pay for ambulances, official vehicles, those of diplomatic representations and international organizations, those adapted for people with reduced mobility, as well as historical and classic ones.

Up to 364 euros per year

The Generalitat has created a simulator for drivers to check how much they will have to pay in terms of CO2 tax as of September 15 (you can find it at this link).

According to the simulator, a car with emissions of 212 gr / km will pay 0.55 euros; with 130 g / km, the cost amounts to 5.50 g / km; if its emissions are 160 gr / km, the rate is 24 euros; Those who reach 200 gr / km will pay 56 euros each year … The cap is set at 499 gr / km. Few models reach this figure, but they will have to pay 364 euros a year.

Noelia Lopez April 26, 2021 – 06: 56h

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