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CNE: the winner will be proclaimed after counting the last vote

The president of the National Electoral Council (CNE) from Ecuador, Diana Atamaint, emphasized this Sunday, April 11, that only one winner between Andrés Arauz and Guillermo Lasso will be proclaimed when the last vote has been counted.

“The official winner will be proclaimed once the last vote has been counted,” he said. Atamaint quoted by the local newspaper El Universo, in the midst of a cloudy environment due to fears of possible fraud.

Even the mission of the leftist political forum Grupo de Puebla assured that it is closely monitoring the possibility of possible fraud. However, from the CNE They have highlighted that they have all the guarantees for this second round.

On this occasion, a much faster count is planned than on February 7, and that the preliminary results of the scrutiny will be released from 19.00 (00.00 GMT), based on more than 50% of the minutes, according to the electoral authorities advanced.

However, the electoral legislation provides a period of 10 days for the official announcement of the results.

The head of the electoral body added that “defending democracy is a moral duty and an inescapable task with history” and that the “challenge is to mature a plural, tolerant and multicolored democracy.”

He specified that 294 international observers will monitor the event in person and virtually, and that 80,393 delegates from political organizations will be a “further guarantee for the legitimacy of this process.”

The Ecuadorian vice president, María Alejandra Muñoz, who opened the event in which the suffrage was inaugurated, invited voters to “invest” their lives “without fear in choosing, in exercising the vote … Yes today is the day to decide and say yes to democracy, freedom and peace ”.

Ecuador elections

Ecuadorians decide between two opposing visions, that of the left-wing correísmo – which ruled the country between 2007 and 2017 – and that of conservative neoliberalism, although in both cases, their candidates have had to lean to the center during the campaign to seek allies outside the United States. their ideological orbits.

According to the polls, the undecided and null vote was around 30% and will be crucial in this Sunday’s election.

On this election day, more than 410,000 Ecuadorians abroad are also authorized to vote, divided into three constituencies: Latin America, Africa and the Caribbean; Europe, Asia and Oceania; and the United States and Canada.

With information from EFE

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