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Clothes and colors in trend this spring summer that cannot be missing in your outfits

This 2021 is more colorful and sophisticated and we show you the clothes and colors that will be in trend this spring summer.

The year 2020 was quite forced for the world of fashion. The pandemic led us to bet on the most comfortable and the sportswear industry grew.

According to the experts at ELLE we will have a more glamorous time with a mix of classic colors and elegant garments that cannot be missing in your outfits.

Trend of this spring summer

1.- The pastel tone will reign in the trend of this spring summer

Pastel color is the ideal replacement for cream-colored looks, winter blacks and seasonal browns. The romanticism of this shade takes over fashion, and thus a feminine era will arrive where pink will be its protagonist.

2.- The cowboys refuse to leave

Jeans are back to stay and this 2021 will be no exception. It is a comfortable and sophisticated piece at the same time that it works for us in the four seasons of the year; and that will take center stage this spring summer.

3.- The flowers

To pay tribute to this spectacular season of the year the floral prints arrive as a trend this spring summer. You can wear the flowers in the dresses with the tones you want and you will be at the height of the catwalks.

4.- The classic white will vibrate

ELLE experts remind us that, If there is no white in summer, then something very drastic will have happened. This year the target will be imposed with more force and it will be a symbolic way to start a new leaf after so much suffering that marked us in 2020.

5.- Red, another leading color in the trends of this spring summer

As well as the pink and black tones, we all want to wear red in our outfits and this time opens up all the possibilities. We can wear it in a full dress, in any other garment or combined with other shades pTo transmit strength, energy and desire to live.

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