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Clear the ring! – This men’s circus is looking for a woman

Whispering and applause, the ring is free for: a woman! “We are looking urgently!” Says Patrick Renz (40). He achieved everything. Established his own company as a single parent who taught his three sons (13, 15, 16) all sorts of tricks. Even a knife thrower number is part of the show. Only Cupid’s arrow just won’t hit.

So Patrick says in every performance that he is looking: wanted a young woman to travel with!

So far, unfortunately, nobody has knocked on the American 13-meter trailer of the artist who lives separately. He would do more for the lady of his heart than any other man: handstands or gymnastics on the trapeze, for example.

He would even come up with the number as a death wheel runner again. And in the evening, when it gets romantic: spit fire! If that’s nothing …

The Renz family has been in the circus business for nine generations. Great-great-great-great-grandfather etc. Ernst Jakob Renz founded the dynasty in Berlin. In the meantime, various relatives of Patrick are wandering around the republic with their own tents, the family is large. “My father had twelve siblings, my mother 13.”

Patrick and his boys are on the road as “Circus Renzini”. Playing in northern German villages, every few days they pitch their 200-person tent somewhere else. Patrick has to drive nine times to bring all the trailers to the next venue. After all, his sons don’t have a driver’s license yet.

They attend the circus school – they are taught via video conference together with circus children from all over Germany, their teacher is based in Wiesbaden. And that was also the case before Corona!

“We children would also be very happy if a woman were with us again,” says Anthony (15), who has been in the management team since he was four.

And what should a woman be able to do when she moves into the men’s circus flat share? “Juggling is not important, it would be nice to be able to cook,” says Patrick and laughs.

And what is offered? “Our life is great,” say the Renz in unison. “We’re outside a lot, we experience a lot.” Everyone has their own caravan, Father Patrick, of course, the largest. With couch and kitchen and washing machine and bathroom and everything else.

“Like a normal house, only smaller. And we occasionally go to the cinema or even on vacation, ”says Patrick Renz.

The circus ticket hotline is 0178-189 37 36, by the way. But you can certainly call there for other information …

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