Clean every last gram of dirt on the body with this scratch-free clay bar and costs 14 euros

Clean every last gram of dirt on the body with this scratch-free clay bar and costs 14 euros

Those of us who really appreciate our car like to take great care of it, and that doesn’t just mean that it looks clean, it really is. And the more perfect the vehicle can be, the better. If this is your case, then these clay bars are an essential purchase, and perhaps you have not known them before. What makes them special is that they are able to remove less visible dirt, leaving the surface of the car shiny and even slippery, and without leaving scratches on the paint.

Micro scratches remain on the surface of the body even when we use only a cloth to clean it. Even in a car wash there are such scratches. But then how do we remove dirt that won’t go away with just a little soap and water? Well precisely that’s what this clay bar is for. It costs only 14 euros in Amazon a pack that includes three units.

The clay bar takes away what protrudes from the body, that we only perceive when passing our hand, and it does so without scratching the painting in any way thanks to the fact that it is moldable. When dirt sticks to the surface of the clay, it deforms, the particle takes its place, and we do not drag it scratching the paint.

When using the clay bar to remove this dirt, what we are achieving is leaving a completely slippery and very smooth surface. If we pass the hand we will see that it is completely clean. This contributes in the long run to make the car shine more, since it does not accumulate more dirt that a priori seems invisible, but in the end it makes you notice that the car is not clean even though we have finished washing it.


Precisely If we try to wax the car without having removed this dirt, it will stay under the layer of wax And we will continue to appear to us that he is still dirty. Light does not reflect the same, and we do not see uniform paint when these dirt particles are left on the car. This is what we avoid with the clay bar. In addition, one of the advantages it has is that we can shape it to adapt it to the surface we want to clean.

For 14 euros we can buy this kit of three clay bars with which to clean the paint and leave the car’s surface perfect.

Emm Jimenez April 2, 2021 – 1:37 p.m.

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