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Claudia Zuleta on trends in swimsuits in spring-summer

Spring Summer, swimsuits, trends and tips … that’s what our conversation with Claudia zuleta. While he’s in Costa Rica, ‘unplugging’, he takes our call … and gets to work. With over 18 years in the fashion and entertainment industry, the Image designer and consultant she began her career, precisely, designing swimsuits and jewelry for the Miss Universe pageant. Its clients are in an extensive geography, from Singapore and Tokyo, to all Latin America and the Caribbean, Europe and the United States. In addition, through its platform and social networks, the Venezuelan resident in Miami and Los Angeles is a influence that reaches everywhere.

What are the trends in swimsuits for spring summer 2021, according to Claudia Zuleta?

We take her responses and leave it to her to update us on what the Spring-Summer 2021 in the chapter of beachwear.

Little by little we return to the days that we waited so eagerly, after a year where we almost forgot about the seasonal trends. Confinement is being left behind in many places and, now, we begin to see a panorama where we can return to the enjoyment of some beach days. Thermometers rise in one part of the world, the days get warmer and the sun is with us for longer. Once again, the swimsuit that predominates it’s the bikini. If you enjoy the pool, the beach or a spring, and you enjoy the sun, these are more than enough reasons to wear your favorite bikini every day of the year. And yes, you can appreciate the swimwear trends in 2021, from now on.

Unlike the previous years, is 2021 brings with it a wide variety of styles, from elegant prints to animal print, the very striking florals or the ethnic ones, with those colors of nature that they favor so much. As for the color palette, they use from vibrant tones in versatile tops that you can use in different ways, to comfortable patterns in fine woven fabrics and asymmetric cuts. This applies to beachwear in general. One recommendation is to go for proposals with pure fabrics and follow the history of each garment, to ensure that they have been produced with fair practices and without harming the environment.

If in your beach days you have to fulfill a work schedule, go to a snack with friends or you need a business note, the most practical thing is a cotton garment with a wide and comfortable silhouette or this version of business suit, which allows you to wear under the blazer the top with which you announce that you will end your day at sea.

But the important thing in this note is what fashion houses suggest in terms of swimsuits. I love to see women becoming more and more comfortable with our bodies. That is synonymous with self-confidence, inclusion and empowerment. We are all beautiful and each silhouette is beautiful. That said, it does not matter if you are more or less curvy or how tall you are or the tone of your complexion: the proposals are valid for everyone and the only thing that matters when choosing them is that you feel satisfied with yourself. With that said, here are my three favorite trends.

The top 3 in swimwear 2021

Femininity to the fullest

The designers have maintained a style with bright colors but light, combined with ethereal necklines and ruffles, with details at the waist that enhance femininity to any style of swimsuit. Without a doubt, one of the trends in fashion for spring-summer 2021.

Tops halter and / or multifaceted

Every day we are more aware of what we buy, so when buying, we now ask ourselves the following question ‘Can I use this piece for another purpose?’ This is why some brands have noticed that some of their customers are using their bikini tops as crop-tops, or base pieces. I personally love to combine a halter top with a blazer on top and pants at the waist.

High leg cut

Many of us want our legs to look longer, this is one of bikini cuts that favor us the most if this is what we want. The high leg cut panties are simply magical, your legs will look like they measure kilometers, lengthening and lengthening your figure. Another model that is super in this season are the high cut tights in the Brazil style, of course we show more skin and when it comes to tanning it is ideal.

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