Claromecó. Two rugby players disfigured a young man after a clandestine party

Claromecó. Two rugby players disfigured a young man after a clandestine party Source: LA NACION – Credit: Ricardo Pristupluk

Two 31-year-old brothers playing in La Plata Rugby Club, Lucio and Ignacio Cozzi, brutally beat a young man after a clandestine party on the coast of Claromecó. The victim is a 23-year-old law student, identified as Felipe Di Francesco, who was cleaning the beach with his brother when he was attacked by the two men.

The The attackers, from Tres Arroyos as well as the victims, were already notified at their home by order of the prosecutor in charge of the investigation, Natalia Ramos. The father of the beaten young man, Guillermo Di Francesco, told the local newspaper La Voz del Pueblo that his sons, Ramiro -26 years old- and Felipe -23- “were at the party and when people started to leave, they they collect the dirt that is on the beach. “

Di Francesco explained: “These kids came, drunk, they grabbed the box in which they collected the garbage and threw it into the fire [de una fogata]. Then my eldest son told him ´Don’t do that, because we took the garbage away´ and there they said ´But who are you to tell me? ´ and they went and hit the brother [Felipe, el menor]. There was no discussion, nothing, but they hit the other one who had nothing to do with it. “

According to the criminal statement published by that local media, the attack would have occurred when Felipe asked them to collaborate with hygiene by removing “the large amount of garbage that they left.” The Di Francesco family declared that the alleged assailants had refused and, together with the group they were with, began to insult them until, minutes later, without a word, Felipe was hit in the face until he staggered and hit his head against the door of a truck.

“Come on, now gather the garbage, I want you to bring the truck and gather all the garbage. If not, we will screw you up,” the two men would have told Felipe, according to the criminal statement.


Ramiro Di Francesco He explained that there were few people on the beach when they beat his brother, who after the back and forth of sentences had gone to look for the truck. “They yelled, when Felipe turned around, they hit him with two pineapples and threw him on the floor. They are two crazy people, my brother is 23 years old, he’s a kid, and these crazy people are over 30 years old, they should be with their family and they go around making quilombo in clandestine parties, “he said.

After the attack, the young man was transferred to the Claromecó hospital and then to the Hispano clinic, where he was diagnosed with a “double septum fracture, four broken teeth, a cut on the face and a trauma to the eye.”

The father of the young men assured that the Cozzi “are rugby players, all locked, muscular, they hit him two quiet shots and, when he was falling, they hit him another one with which they broke all their teeth. It was not a fight, because he [por Felipe] It is not about fighting, they beat him quietly, cowards “.

Guillermo explained that the aggressors, when they lived in Tres Arroyos, “played at the Cazadores Club and now that they live in La Plata, they play at La Plata Rugby Club.” In addition, he said: “I would like this to get there so they can be fired. They think they can go through life beating people with impunity. I have enormous bitterness (…) They tell me, they have a record, it is not the first time they do it, they are problematic, they don’t fit into their heads. “

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