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Clandestine party: a yacht almost sinks in the Paraná river due to the number of young people on board

The party inside the yacht.
The party inside the yacht.

While coronavirus infections increase in the country and provincial and municipal governments try to control social gatherings, this weekend a case went viral on social networks that outraged the inhabitants of the city of Paraná.

A yacht in which more than 25 young people were traveling was about to sink in the Paraná River while they were holding a clandestine party. The accident occurred after they left the Nautical Club of that city of Entre Ríos and the water began to leak from the stern due to the overweight that the boat was registering, as a result of the excess of people.

According to various local media, the young people were heading towards the so-called “Isla Bonita” and on the way they started the party. In the photos you can see how part of the boat was submerged by the number of passengers and it is also observed that they do not respect any type of distance or the use of a chinstrap.

The situation sparked outrage on social media due to the lack of sanitary measures amid the increase in coronavirus cases. In addition, the prefecture protocol established that vessels can only occupy 50 percent of their capacity.


Given this, Leonardo Diaz, the president of the Paraná Nautical Club told the news channel TN: “The ship left without the requirements that we set at this time, in an irresponsible way carrying too much cargo on board, some members and others not members of the club”.

And he continued: “It happened that the excess load made water enter through the vents of the engine and, thank God, they were touching the edge of an island and the engine part sank, and machines leaving the rest in sand. Díaz also noted: “We are warning the partners that in the situation in which we are we have to comply with social distancing in the boats, we are dispatching them with 50% of the capacity”.

“I would like to comment that taking out a boat or an office is like an affidavit from the skipper or helmsman,” he explained. He also detailed that the incident yacht has capacity for 10 people and there were about 25. And he ended: “If after what one declared about passages and people, he does and undoes and surpasses the measures, I think that there is the total responsibility of that person”.

However, this case was not the only one that occurred on the Paraná River. According to the newspaper The coastDuring the weekend, hundreds of people attended different events in the area.


In this way, the concern of the authorities in the face of the sharp increase in Covid-19 cases rested on this type of event. “We have a real challenge as a society. If we really do not want to go back and take this step forward to stand up, what we need most is that we all have social responsibility: to take care of ourselves to take care of whoever is next to me. If this does not happen, the risk that everything will come to a standstill exists and nobody wants that to happen in Argentina “, said President Alberto Fernández this morning in an act due to the growth of the rave of contagions.

And he continued: “I appeal once again to the social responsibility of everyone so that we understand that the problem persists, it remains, that no one is exempt from being infected and that we must keep all the necessary protocol standards so that the disease the way we are unfortunately seeing it spread. “

Another focus of concern is the Atlantic Coast. Given this, Governor Axel Kicillof, this Tuesday he will sit with the mayors of the municipalities of the Coast to evaluate and begin to define what restrictive measures can be taken to prevent coronavirus cases from continuing to grow. The concern is installed in the Buenos Aires government and increases along with the infections. The regrowth seems to be a fact that is becoming visible in the summer season.

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