Clandestine parties: despite the warnings s …

Despite the call to maintain care against the Covid-19 pandemic during the holidays, at dawn of the new year only between Mar del Plata and Córdoba capital. and they deactivated around 30 clandestine parties In the Buenos Aires seaside resort, one of the parties summoned 600 people to Playa Daprotis.

“During the early morning hours, the Security Secretariat teams broke up 20 clandestine parties in which more than 1,200 people participated,” reported the municipality of General Puyerredón. In addition to the clandestine party that brought together 600 people in Playa Daprotis, another was registered in a private place where 300 adolescents attended.

In Córdoba capital, the head of Public Shows of the municipality, Julio Suárez, explained that nine clandestine parties were deactivated. “It was a night with a lot of unauthorized activity,” lamented Suárez, who assured, in dialogue with Cadena 3, that “surely” there were other clandestine parties in the provincial capital “because the movement was important.”

Courtesy Police of Córdoba

Clandestine parties occur when an unexpected rise in new coronavirus infections begins to be detected, in particular, in the AMBA.

On December 30, the Ministry of Health reported 11,765 cases throughout the country, of which almost 5,000 were registered in the metropolitan area. In Córdoba, on December 30, 763 cases were registered, when at the beginning of the week the reported cases were around 250.

The municipality of General Pueyrredón maintained a strong inspection operation to control the consumption of alcohol in the street at the access to Playa Grande and to avoid holding parties.

The operations also included patrols to avoid the use of sound pyrotechnics, prohibited in the entire municipality since December 2019, during which 3,300 kilos of explosive devices were seized.

In the Cordovan capital, an employee of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Córdoba, in charge of the Sanitary Emergency Fiscal Unit (UFES), would be implicated in one of the clandestine parties raided. According to the NA agency, the call had been made for after midnight this Thursday, in a fifth located in Ricardo Rojas at 8000.

In the invitation to the event, the suspect requested that each guest bring bottles of champagne with a glass or glass and clarified that he was not going to charge entrance, but that he would pass his cap to pay the DJ.

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