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“Citizenship”: the Government’s particular campaign to avoid the second wave of coronavirus

“Let’s be responsible and supportive,” Cafiero said in networks

Faced with the increase in coronavirus cases in the country registered for three weeks, the Government decided to implement a new prevention campaign to avoid the second wave of infections which has already settled in Europe.

Using a pun on the concept of citizenship, the Chief of Staff, Santiago Cafiero, published a video made by the Presidency of the Nation where a group of young people is seen in a bar and only one is wearing a mask.Let’s practice ‘citizenship’ to avoid the second wave of Covid-19. Let’s be responsible and supportive “, wrote the official.

In the video, three young people without masks who see a friend arrive with one on and a voice-over, says: “We do prevention with humor because this is serious. Responsible and with social conscience, a part of the population that we call the ‘citizenship’, they resist the jokes of any parsley. “

When the young man sits down at the table, one of those present spends it: “What are you doing with the chinstrap?” Another friend charges him that “it’s not so ugly” so as not to take it out at night. However, the young man replies that “he is taking care of himself” and leaves it to him.

Finally, the campaign targets those who dismiss the disease. “And they even banish any ignorant with enthusiasm,” says the voice-over, and another young woman tells her friend that the coronavirus “is a flu, nothing more.”

“Mr. ‘citizen’, ignore the gilada and be a proud member of this community “, close the video.

A rise in cases of Covid-19 coronavirus in the country began to register in the last three weeks of 2020, due to the increase in infections in the Metropolitan Area of ​​Buenos Aires (AMBA).

According to an analysis of researchers who evaluate official statistics and who were consulted by LA NACION, those who pushed the increase in infections in AMBA They were young people between 20 and 29 years old, the same age that the Government chose to represent in this video.

Argentina started the year with a high number of new cases of coronavirus. This Saturday, after 72 hours without a report, the Ministry of Health of the Nation reported 20,906 new infections, and the country reached 1,634,834 total infected, while the total figure of 43,375 died. Meanwhile, those recovered total 1,426,676.

According to the criteria of

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